Has anyone requested KPIG?

Of Santa Cruz, CA? I am!

Unfortunately, that station is behind a paywall.

I don’t know for sure, but reading the station documentation it seems that if you sign up you may be given a private URL that you could use in my live radio. We do not use such URLs in the main database though.

Oh. Grumble.

Thanks for trying.

Ok, so are you going to sign up? I would be interested to know whether you do get a private link - I could then let others know when appropriate.

$60/year. I’m not sure I’ll listen enough for that - but, am I understanding correctly that I could get it to work throug Roon if I do? Or not? I listen to LPs, FM, and to Roon digitally over the big system, and sometimes (rarely) on my phone or iPad.

I can’t be definite as I don’t know the details, but from their documentation,

Log-in to your KPIG.com account at http://www.kpig.com/listen/, and copy the URL, as listed under “Direct Link to Stream”

it would seem that you can get a URL with, I guess, some specific token, that enables it to identify you. If that’s the case, then I would expect you to be able to add this to my live radio.

Notice my caveats - I can’t say for sure.

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