Has anyone successfully hacked the firmware on their device to add RAAT support

So I have a couple of network receivers that have AirPlay in them but not RAAT support for Roon. Harping on the manufacturer gives me no satisfaction that they will add this soon, so I’m wondering about someone hacking the firmware to add the support. Is this verboten or has anyone tried it? I don’t have a lot of money tied up in the one I’m almost not afraid to brick it giving this a try LOL

Seems like a whole lot of effort when a Rasp Pi based unit can easily and cheaply be setup and is pretty plug and play. That way you can keep the Airplay option as well.

I don’t disagree, just musing over this. I spent the last year getting rid of 15+ boxes for my audio including cables, interconnects, separates, DACs, and so on and downsized to an all-in-one and now am a bit adverse to start to adding back in more boxes. This post was probably more “thinking out loud” than anyone else! A previous post talks highly of the Allo DigiOne for a use like this, and if I add a box that is probably the way to go.

Hacking the firmware!? This is a place wise men fear to tread.


Well, you could replace your current all-in-one with an all-in-one which has the features you want.

I have an Allo DigiOne to go from Ethernet to Coax SPDIF in on my Amp. And it works a charm. I would not use the DigiOne with a USB connection though, as the Ethernet and USB share the port.

This is exactly how I would set it up if I go that route. My Yamaha R-N803 network receiver has coax in for this purpose. It has Ethernet as well but only supports AirPlay and DLNA (and maybe another I could be missing, but, certainly not Roon directly except the AirPlay) via that method. Thanks for the comment!

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