Has anyone used a Nimbie to rip CDs to a Nucleus SSD?

I would like to use my Nimbie to rip CDs directly to a Nucleus SSD.

Any pointers?

I have used a Nimbie to rip lots of CDs to my computer but not a Nucleus SSD. It should be easy to do as much as it would be to any computer disc. However, I would not rip directly to the Nucleus SSD because I have always preferred to verify the rip myself and to verify the basic metadata. Only after that do I transfer to the drive that serves Roon (and other apps).

How comfortable are you managing files and apps on the Nucleus? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I am considering the purchase of Nucleus Plus and wondered if I could use my ASUS laptop with dBpowerAmp and Nimbie to rip to a Nucleus Plus SSD. I also have wondered about the Nucleus ripping, but seen reports of problems with this.

The ROCK ripper problems were fixed in recent updates. However, the ROCK ripper is meant exclusively as an appliance and does not tag files nor does it create human-readable file names. (As explained on its help page)

Ripping directly to Roon’s watched folder can create issues with identification because a new track appears every few minutes and Roon does not see the whole album at once.

I use dbPoweramp to rip to a local folder and then copy it over as a whole

@Suedkiez We do the same. It’s been working fine.

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