Has anyone used DSP to change the character of their DAC?

Hi all

Has anyone played with the DSP functionality and managed to change the fundamental character of their DAC, rather than just the frequency response?

The reason I ask, is because the Chord Mojo+Poly combination really appeals to me, but when I have tried the Mojo in the past, I have found it too ‘polite’. Everything feels a bit too rounded off, without the attack I like. I wondered if a bit of DSP via Roon might be able to counteract that character.


Don’t think you can use DSP to make it less polite, but you can certainly adjust the tonal balance to make it sound warmer or more neutral. The best is probably to do digital room correction first, to get an even frequency response, and then apply house curve to your liking (unless you use headphones of course).

You can also combine a polite dac with a more aggressive amp (or vice verse), and/or in combination with suitable speakers.

Question is–how much of the “politeness” is the DAC, how much is the amp section and how much of it is the way your headphones respond to those electronics.

Well I have tried it with a few headphones and in my system and found the same character trait.

I am hoping that they come out with a second generation that has filters like the Hugo2.

I do often use a bit of EQ when on headphones to do things like bring down where I know the headphones have a treble peak a little, and also boost bass a little since that is my taste.