Has "Merge Compositions" disappeared in 1.6? [Fix underway]

I updated to 1.6 this AM & subsequently added a couple of different versions of Ravel’s “Daphnis & Chloé” and of the corresponding orchestral suite. Roon didn’t recognize either pair as different versions of hte same composition. When I search for them in order to force recognition with a “Merge Compositions” and select a pair, No “Merge Compositions” button appears, as illustrated here:

Other information that may or may not be relevant:
One of the albums/collections added (shown as items 1 and 4 in the list illustrated here) was not successfully identified by Roon nor could I appropriately force identification: Roon offered no acceptable possibles.
Even though the different releases are/contain versions of the same composition, the track (WORK/PART) divisions in the different releases do not correspond, e.g. item 1 in the illustrated list contains 13 tracks, item 2 consists of a single track that occupies the entire CD.


Thanks for letting us know @WillK – this was not intentional but it looks like this got overlooked while search was being redesigned.

We’ll get this fixed - thanks again!

Thanks for the quick response @mike. In the meantime, given that my core sits on a Nucleus+ & I use Windows (for management) & Android (for playback) clients, is there any straightforward way to revert all of it to 1.5? I’m migrating a lot of classical music into Roon and that is all about different performances of a largely standard repertoire of material, i.e. versions, so the lack of “Merge Compositions” is a non-trivial issue for me.

You should still be able to filter and merge from the composition browser – does that not work?

Unfortunately, downgrading is not supported.

Tag, filter, and merge from the composition browser does work. I’d never used that technique before. Looks like I’m set. Thanks! @mike.

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I am having the same issue with merging artists. If I do a search and select both artists, no “merge” button appears as it used to.

When I go in through the compositions browser, filter, and then mark results I want to group together as “compositions” I don’t get the merge option appearing anywhere.

Yeah, this is the bug. They’ll be back in our next release.

What if you don’t filter?

Even just in the results of a straightforward search I don’t see the merge compositions function.

I cannot merge albums from the artist page. Apologies if this has already been raised elsewhere.

After selecting multiple compositions, neither the formerly available separate merge-button nor an entry in the 3-dot-menu are available?

Similarly, when selecting a duplicate album, the edit button does not show up any more in the right top?