Has Roon gone AWOL?

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There has been multiple topics worried about what is happening at Roon and specifically why their silence is deafening.

I understand there has been a lot of backlash at the beginning of the year with the previous release but since then, no new release, no info and no new features, apart CD ripping.

I am well aware that I am not entitled and that they don’t owe me anything and that I paid for a software at T time, however one thing that pushed me to pay is the openness of the team and their willingness to communicate.

Roon, as the song says…

I know one thing they must be working on – Mac compatibility. That, plus a “normal” update has got to have them working constantly.

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Talk of that backlash again!

There is always something in the works…often these updates affect many areas of the system so testing and checking things takes time. Yes it’s been a while but the longer we wait the more likely big strides are going to be happening.

Other than the iOS iPhone 11 that is expected to be updated I guess we have to wait it out until whatever is in the works is done…that’s just the way it goes.

I hear they took a couple of days off around Labor Day here in the US. Should have taken their laptops with them. :slight_smile:

It’s the lack of communication that is lacking.

Works fine on my new imac (2019). Worked fine on the prior imac (2014) too. What kind of issues are plaguing yours?


Nothing now, I was just repeating what Mike or someone had confessed about Mac releases. Roon does not really crank up until the release is official.

My iMac desktops have worked pretty well, and I also use iPhone and iPads as remotes. No big issues that I can report. The only issues I’ve had requiring core re-install were self-inflicted.

I haven’t heard of anything that would cause concern to users. Roon has gone through some reasonable growth and scaling up of operational resources is one of those things that takes a lot of background effort, but no one notices much until things go wrong. Fortunately that hasn’t happened very often at all.

There are other challenges that have arisen. User feedback about search has definitely been heard and continues to be under active development.

Mercifully the current release has been relatively free of bugs that require an urgent fix, so the bug fix cadence has naturally slowed.

There are a number of projects underway at various stages, and the testing process associated with each of them can reveal bugs that require fresh iteration.

I think what we are seeing is a period of consolidation combined with unpredictable testing cycles rather than any cause for concern.


In case anyone missed it Roon issued an update for IOS and Android just yesterday so I would not call that AWOL.


Upgrade ?? I did not see it !

it had support for new iphone 11

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Well, the vanilla iphone 11 still has glitches; the 11 pro is fine, someone reported.

I run Roon on my mac in the office and have a nucleus at home, Roon support was very helpful when I had issues with the mac. Would I like to see more bells and whistles in the product - always :slight_smile: , could Roon be a little more communicative about what’s happening, sure. But I think they are doing a good job and provide great value.

my 2 cents


What Roon silence?? They have been on quite a bit lately. Granted, no general update for a good while, just targeted updates.

I’m looking forward to some developments in the search area as I find the same thing with Roon being “blind” to a lot of my music that has basic metatagging. I’ve found I have to scroll through A-Z view to uncover a lot of these albums that come from whitelabels. Even when I know the exactly track name it can sometimes miss a song but I know how to work around it.

Very happy with everything else and would love to see a way for my roon service to act as a spotify endpoint so I can use a single output into my dac vs switching between the two.

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The update works fine on my iPhone 11. No issues I’m aware of.

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Still sounding fantastic when I play music though…maybe they are getting worn out by all the chatter ??

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Nah. They are tough birds. If you create something and put it out there, people will comment. That’s just the nature of the game. If you can’t accept criticism you change careers.
The thrill of going from concept to creation is a pretty powerful rush.

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