Has Roon gone AWOL?

I had another Roon update on my iPad today.

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Roon is working extremely well for me. I’d rather have less updates and have it continue to work and function well than have a bunch of updates that then need another update to fix something that was rushed out. They also tend to respond to issues pretty quickly and I’ve been very happy with the product.


I was talking about the Core update. The Remote update was mandatory for the new iPhone and their screen size.

Not sure why you missed it - I had an iOS update a few days (5 or6?) ago
Mainly for iPhone 11.

No update for laptop/pc ?

No, it was just for mobile devices.

Is there such a thing as Update Addiction?

updatitis perhaps…but typically in the context of hardware, not software.

If it works right, I see no need for excessive updates. Apple is famous for screwing up a perfectly good operating system.


I never suffered from it. I love technology and software, but not necessarily when I want to put up my feet and listen to some music. I think about how I would have reacted if every time I turned on my new CD player it asked if I wanted to do a firmware update.


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Not sure what you mean or intend by posting this kind of thing. Roon has got a good product that is stable and they add features and support all the time. I’ve been using it now for a long time and have had one issue in the entire period of ownership (that was the old Dell XPS 18 giant tablet/PC that had an Intel embedded nic that wouldn’t support openGL - it also was a pain in the butt so I got rid of it).

I use MACOS Macbook Pro’s, iPads/iphones, Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 without any problems. I’ve never had any catastrophic failures and my system is very peppy.

Count me in the group of very satisfied Roon users. There are other products out there that are “fastidiously working” on new features and updates and what the users end up with is a product full of bloated features they don’t need and didn’t ask for. Case in point, making a music player a video player as well and morphing it into a “media player” - Roon is for hifi and I’m happy to use it because that’s what it does well.

Keep up the good work @danny and the rest of the Roon team.


I think Roon have fallen into the ‘big’ bang release cycle, with major releases containing lots of changes, new functionality, rather than an incremental approach of frequent releases with smaller numbers of changes and new features in each release.
Both have their merits and their problems.
Stable, long-running releases are easier to manage, in terms of Customer Support issues - but gives the impression of nothing happening to the Product.
Frequently releases can be misinterpreted as unstable software, and a company having problems with bugs and issues.
Personally I don’t like the annual release cycle (too great a step function for the user base, as many things change, and it is hard to see the incremental improvements when they are hidden by big changes to the UI etc. - look at iOS)
I would go for 3 quarterly releases - Spring, Summer & Fall, then bug fixes releases in between as required. This allows focus on the incremental changes in each release, that are not lost in the big-bang release. It maintains a healthy cycle for those who want change, updates and new things, but not so often to turn-off those who just want stable product to use.
It allows for a Roadmap like path of what’s in each release for the year, and you can grade the bug fixes - ‘urgents’ get a immediate release, ‘majors’ go into a monthly release, and minors get swept up in the next release.
Also with regular release cycles, in something does make it for that release, it just rolling into the next one.

The problem with that release schedule is where you are developing linked features where one relies on the other. Artificially attempting to make an arbitrary release date just leads to bad releases.
I’d much prefer the current system of release when ready.


My perception is that the devs would prefer smaller more frequent releases but that inter-related projects, interrupts (Search) and iterative testing (ironing out bugs) all combine to pile up releases. It’s a bit like how traffic results in buses clustering.

Well that’s the fun of Product Management! Been at it for 25-years and there is something new everyday.

This has been discussed elsewhere but my opinion is that since Roon is hifi infrastructure for me, I dont want numerous disruptive updates.

Someone else made the point of how annoying it would be if your CD player had updated every month when all you wanted to do was listen to music! I agree with that, and I don’t want it.

One release a year, with bug fixes when necessary is plenty IMO. The odd out of band release would be acceptable but not a constant drip of changes.

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I think we get a good dose of features in each release, without it being overly frequent…2 maybe 3 times a year is good…along with the developers having to get the bugs out the support guys have to get up to speed with supporting the changes and the documentation too…wrapping up a decent release in the right proportions is a challenge I bet.

It’s interesting the Roonies have been much more interactive on the forum the last few days. Maybe that means a pending release is in QA or something like that. Don’t really want to guess, but glad to see that things feel more like a few years back. Hope that includes updating the feature set!

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As Dr Frankenstein would say “It’s alive!” I am also glad the Roonies are showing up here again and taking part in discussions and showing interest. Hope it stays that way - also an update would be nice :wink: