Has Roon gone AWOL?

Danny and Brian have a few hobby horses if you like that sees them chiming in to the threads from time to time…those here for a few years will now which things I mean :stuck_out_tongue: there are quite a few roonies as you call them that very seldom pop in with their roon avatars on.

Maybe they all have aliases and post as others we think are just users. The truth is out there! :alien:


Out of interest, JRiver takes the opposite approach with releases every few days, I use it for video and I rarely see a blip with a new build

I keep to the stable release , if there is a feature request it’s often added within days

Horses for courses , but JRiver is a much more mature product , V 25

My 2p

So essentially they test their Beta’s out in the wild, not in-house or amongst a controlled group like Roon?


No, they have a closed group of beta testers. In addition their customers get the option of setting the update level they prefer: latest to get the latest build, with the risk of issues, or stable for something more solid. They’ve been at it a long time; their software is pretty solid ime, they rarely screw up, and the developers readily engage in supporting users and in discussions of new features. They make small frequent releases which invariably work. They offer a better support experience than here - there are no “has J River gone AWOL” posts for a start,

In JRiver’s defense , I know there a lot of people out there who do not like it.

I have been using JRiver for 7 years (I think) and as far as I can remember it has never let me down after a new release… The rapid release cycle allows for very quick turn around of feature requests that are “quickies”. More complex requests go at more sedate pace and are not released until they are 100%. As Jez says there is a closed Beta group.

It is a very stable product , as is Roon, but with 100 releases a year (or so, the current build is 113) it advances very quickly. Albeit the majority of changes are to do with the video side , probably because the audio side is so mature there is not a lot to do there.

Love it or hate it for whatever reasons it “Just Works”.

There is no comparison between Roon and JRiver as they do essentially 2 different jobs , I use both interchangeably and will continue to do so . I need the video side anyway so that’s half the reason.

Horses for Courses


There’s most definitely no comparison between the searching capabilities of both products, that’s for sure.

Well, it has been almost 6 months since the last Core release. That is a bit longer than I would like to see. Roon does not work on my schedule but jeez, 6 months is a long time between significant updates, much less releases to fix problems…


Do Roon have sufficient Dev resources to fix bugs and add features?

Yes. And relaunch hardware too. That pretty new Nucleus design didn’t happen by magic.

You didn’t say which is better :blush:

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Sadly this distraction with having to fix what Apple has contributed to breaking it’s taking away from development of the products next feature release :frowning:

Not necessarily. Roonlabs may well have planned in advance to take care of issues with an upcoming OS update.

So we could still get our new features (whatever those are) in time (whenever this will be). :wink:

I Hate unnecessary ROON updates to my system !!!

• ROON ROCK is working perfectly on my Intel NUC i5 8th gen.
• Review Metrum Acoustics Ambre as a Roon Endpoint
• Benchmark Media DAC3 DX
• Every Control device is working fine without hickup’s (Phones, tablets, PC’s)
• Integration with QOBUZ is flawless

So no need for communication, no new releases… One happy customer here who has no need whatsoever for changes or upgrades.

I do not understand this topic. Or is it Just to be popular/modern to call for an update every month ?


Go over to the Apple iOS Catalina update thread if you’re in the mood for a headache. I’m with you, the fewer updates the better.

Welcome to the forum…

I’ve considering adding a ROCK NUC. Probably the NUC 8i3BEH.

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Well fortunately or unfortunately new Roon features mean updates are needed. OS changes too can potentially mean need for Roon updates (even if no features implemented) for those users that are having to use new OS versions - such as Catalina that just released to those brave enough or those who are getting the latest hardware from Apple that could we come with Catalina pre installed.

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Think that would be inflammation of the update