Has Roon Radio Got a Problem

Roon Core Machine

NUC10 i7 32 Gb 4Tb SSD for content

Build 931 all round

All Ethernet

Connected Audio Devices

Desktop PC running Roon GUI
Rpi4/Allo Digione / Roipeee

Number of Tracks in Library

PLENTY to choose from 100k+

Description of Issue

Roon is not continuing to play the “Next Track” . Its has happened on Classical (Chopin Nocturne) and Jazz (Dave Koz track)

happened on 2 devices - Desktop PC and RPi/Allodigione

Settings seem OK

All systems started from cold (all mains disconnected) less than 30 mins before this screenshot, but happened yesterday as well after several hours of running.

Any ideas

I occasionally get that when Roon plays something it is unable to determine what it is. Titles and pictures are there but a very new track or something in isolation doesn’t give Roon enough information to be able to select follow up material. Could it be that?

I can buy that but I have mental list of “starter tracks” to set off an Roon Radio run for say “dinner music”

Dave Koz - Careless Whispers has done this dozens of time BUT not last night . Also a Chopin Nocturne must be a good starter for cool classical moods :smiling_imp:

I forgot in the original post , I have Tidal Masters , and Tidal is working fine

Its not a big issue to me but it certainly doesn’t seem normal . I’ll keep an eye (ear) on it

It does sound like a different issue if you’ve had it working before. Strange.

Radio has a habit of this. I suffered from it for some time that it would just get stuck at one track , it would have chosen the next track to play just not queued it up or sometimes it would just stop for no reason and queue nothing else I got it to move by hitting skip forward when it was stuck, but the stopped one had to force start a new session.

I am now confused, it has started behaving itself , using the same “seed track” as I used last night …

Ah well sometimes I prefer albums to finish :sunglasses:

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It’s back again , this time a Mozart Piano Concerto , no.9 then silence

Something is not right

same issue for me

Same issue for me.

I didn’t notice at first as I usually switch radio off for Classical. What is happening in my case is the jelly-fish has 30 secs to find something but it times out with “nothing to play”. However, roon does continue to look and does eventually find something but will not play it because the “nothing to play” flag has already been set.

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