Has Roon stated their intentions for what they would do if TIDAL were to go out-of-business

The microwave for a few seconds makes better art IMO… just sayin’ :smile: LOL

Probably in WIRED magazine.

Not obsolete maybe

I have zero physical media these days, I have been digital for at least 8 years A Kindle for my 60th birthday started the rot

I have a large local library , so I view Tidal as icing on the cake, I couldn’t personally conceive of depending on a third party solely for my music and video source
, I suppose I am of that age.

Roon is simply the best looking audio library software, take its features as they come, I personally am not too happy with Classical coverage but I muddle through until it’s fixed.

I use Tidal and Netflix extensively

Just my 2 p


I sympathize, at 68

No one seems to factor into the payback calculations “ will I last 4.2 years”


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I have a lifetime account and I have been very happy with Roon.

As I lay on my deathbed, I hope my last thought won’t be, “Damn, I didn’t get my money’s worth out of that Roon subscription”.

Although now that I’ve said that, it probably will be. Bosco !

BTW - I’m 68, but I never think about it, for any thing.


Lifetime for product guarantees might be transferable, but lifetime for subscriptions probably isn’t.

Hopefully I was joking

I’m the best I’ve been for years, I had to lose weight to protect a new anklejoint , so 40 kg down , not easy …

Had to give up beer, but I don’t feel 68 anymore



Well Roon will do exactly that, the integration will still be available. Your issue will be wth Tidal, you need to convince them to keep streaming so you can make best use of the integration provided by Roon.

based on the replies to your post at 39 im feeling like i literally got the deal of a lifetime.


I would love Spotify integration too as a back-up streaming service.

I imagine as the biggest, Spotify we’re one of the first to be approached, and they really were not interested when they were! It is they you need to convince. Not necessarily Roon. :wink:

I’m reading elsewhere that the French streaming service Qobuz will be available in the U.S. soon (they predicted October…but it’ll be November in a few days and the Qobuz website shows it’s not yet available in the U.S.). I’ve also read that Qobuz will be working on integrating with Roon. If this comes to pass, I suspect whatever Tidal’s fate is, we’ll have an option with Qobuz.

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No idea why the original question raised so many irritated replies (well… actually I do but that’s another topic altogether) but the question is a valid one
I have been using Roon for some 10 months now and I still haven’t made up my mind about it.
It’s main selling point for me is the Tidal integration. This is actually the only feature of interest for me. I am not sold on any of the other features of Roon.
It might be very old fashioned of me and maybe my ears deceive me, but I believe in using the best audio components I can afford (or am willing to shell out for) and t o my ears Roon doesn’t improve the sound in such a way that I would miss it if it weren’t available anymore. So yes, I only regard Roon as a convenient if at times somewhat frustrating interface.
Take away Tidal and it will remain to be seen whether Qobuz’s user interface pleases me or not. If yes, chances are that I will let my Roon subscription lapse because there won’t be any added value anymore.
Thats what Roon is for me: an interface and nothing more.

Actually, I couldn’t care less about Tidal integration. Yes it’s nice, well thought out, and I do use it rather infrequently, but I have a massive music library that I’ve grown through years with 20% DSDs with sound fantastic on my system. I don’t really need the streaming.

I chose roon because of its interface, search, lyrics integration, background history, everything Roon states in its home page: “Music is an experience, and Roon reconnects you with it.”. If Tidal goes away tomorrow, oh well. I’m still pretty happy with Roon as it is.


Two very different but equally valid opinions. Does pose a problem for Roon itself though.

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Tidal is the cornerstone of some Roon users reason for being here, but integration with Tidal isn’t the reason for Roons successes to date and it won’t be the reason for their failure in the future. And 90% of the concerns go away with an alternative streaming partner.

Apple Music: I would cancel my subscription the next minute. I tried iTunes for a week it cured me for life. An this is probably the only situation when I would cancel Roon.
I subscribed to Roon for two reasons: to use Roon ready devices, and integration with hi-fi streaming. I do not care if Tidal is out of business, Quobuz is coming and I believe Roon management will come to their senses and realize that their business is not to support the latest fad, MQA, but to use their development resources to support more than one streaming service. I would be on Quobuz but if they do not sort out their inept license management, I would IDAGIO to be the streaming service that Roon would consider for integration as well.

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+1 on the unneeded MQA support. Bunch o’ short lived nonsense.

As far as streaming goes, it isn’t Roon’s fault that there aren’t more streaming services incorporated into the product. For some reason, many streaming vendors don’t want to play.

I hear you!

At 68, I got a Boxer who insists on being walked. We have done a hour a day for the last 4.5 years. Lost a lot of weight, and all my health numbers are much better. Plus I changed my diet. Feels wonderful to be healthy again.