Has the banned track flag changed what it does?

My understanding as per Roon KB and experience is (was)

The “Banned” state means that the item to which it applies (e.g. a track, an album, or a work) will never be included in a queue created by the Radio

Now when I ban a track on an album and (actively) play that album the banned track is not played.


Are you saying that you believe that banning a track only applied to Radio?

That has always been my experience. E.g., I ban all Chet Baker tracks in which he attempts to sing. They are not placed on the queue.

I never use Radio, so dunno about that.

Same for me and was always the case when I tried that since using Roon (2.5 years). Since Radio never plays whole albums, I took the description in the help always to mean “everywhere” despite it only mentioning radio

That has always been the behavior. I tried to get Roon to extend the interface to add something that would ban the track just from the Radio but they would not do it. They did add a tag (ROONRADIOBAN set to values 1 or true or yes) that would allow tracks to be banned from the radio but that is just too cumbersome to use in practice.

Thanks guys, memory is playing tricks on me obviously.