Has the HDD space requirement changed for Roon ? about 30gb used!

Hi Gents.

Quick questions… has the space requirement for Roon gone up? I’m running Roon on a 250gb SSD equipped laptop and was wondering what was eating up my SSD space yesterday. Shocked to see Roon’s taken 30gb or so of space. It used to be around 10gb. Im listing around 15k albums and this really hasn’t changed much in the recent past.

I know it’s picture handling, thumbnails and such, but wondered if Roon’s changed the way it handles and stores pics?

My immediate thought was library backup - is that on the SSD in question? If so how many versions are you keeping?

Hi @Sallah_48,

Can you share a screenshot of where you’re seeing the 30GB size?

Do you know about how long ago it was confirmed to be 10GB? Was this a very recent/sudden change or has the size not been checked in some time?

Hi Dylan,

after checking, seems I was over-zealous with my summation, lol. It’s around 20gb, which is still alot higher than I remember. If it’s normal for this size for around 15k albums, then no worries :slight_smile:

Hi @Sallah_48,

Thanks for confirming the size for me. For a database with 15k albums that isn’t out of the ordinary for database size so I think you should be all good here, but if you have any other concerns please let me know!

Thanks Dylan, Appreciate your help.

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