Has there ever been worse software than this?

5th pc/server now and yep, it still won’t work worth ■■■■■ I guess some of you actually have a stable roon server? Just curious.

I have two stable servers running Roon.

The Support section of the Forum is the best place to get setup assistance. But if you describe the issue here other users might be able to help.

Almost 3 years in on roon and other than one issue that was quickly resolved, i’ve never had anything other than stable roon servers. I have 2 licenses and one full time on my Nucleus+, and the other ones move around between the MacPro and Macbook. Tons of people here also run on NUCs and Windows machines without issue. Support needs to help you.

My Roon Core is running stable on an Innuos Zenith MKII since two years.

I have been running Roon since the fall of 2016. Never had any issues related to Roon. Perhaps the issue is between the back of the chair and the keyboard? :man_facepalming:


Yes, there has been worse software than this.


I have zero problems with Roon. I’m not sure why some people have no problems and others have numerous problems. I guess every update exposes weak links in your system if you have any.

Been using Roon for 2-3 years now. Always been stable. My Roon server runs 24/7 without problems.

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Yep. Running on a 2012 Macbook Pro since 2017 with virtually zero problems.

If you would like help open a post in the support section and fill in the template.

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Wish I was y’all brothers. Not only have I pissed away the $150 sub fee but I’ve thrown another 500 at it hoping…but nah. Every single attempt has been a colossal failure. At this point I’m just resigned to lost wages.

Listen, instead of frustrated, useless complaining go to the support section of the forum.

Fill out all the info regarding your system, i.e. Core machine, network topology, HiFi equipment, streamers, etc, etc.

I can guarantee many people will jump in to help, unless your attitude deepens.


Or a troll has emerged from under a bridge.

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It just works. Vast majority seem to have no problems. Community and support very willing to help if you give them a chance. Suggest you let us know the problem and we can perhaps help with the issue in a more positive way.

I used Roon for almost 2 years, on two completely different systems: Roon Core/Control on Windows PC, and Roon ROCK on Intel NUC. I had zero problems…

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There’s a whole list of annoying stuff for me. Stability and reliability aren’t on that list. And I have a psychedelic network that shouldn’t even work in theory. Surely there’s something basic that can easily be fixed in your setup?


Just simply works for me and the Roon Rock on a nuc is super stable. Looks like something is wrong and you need support.

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Mods have closed this thread for trolling as it appears intended to provoke responses rather than seeking information. The OP has opened a Support thread.