HAT compatibility question

Audiophonics came to the market with the DAC 2xES9038Q2M as a direct replacement for the DAC 1xES9038Q2M which is compatible with Ropieee. Is it safe to assume that the compatibility remains intact?@spockfish

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Anyone please?

I’m not guaruanteeing anything, but from the limited information that is available it is suggested it works with the old driver. But again, no guaruantees.

@spockfish Harry, thank you very much for your response. This is what I expected to hear and I will order the new version this week. If you want it for testing purposes, let me know and I ship over to our neighbor country.

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Hi Klaus,

Thanks for your proposal. But I think it’s not necessary as we can do some remote stuff to get it working. When it works I’ll add it to the list.

Let me know how it goes.

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order it, if it not works send it back, what is the problem?

Wasted time and effort.

Hi Harry,
installed Ropieee and with a few settings (force volume) I got volume control via Roon. Currently trying to figure out, why I am limited to DSD 128 (DoP) and maximum sample rate at 384. The double mono ESS 9038 can do better.
The kit it equipped with two displays, one for source and signal quality information, works well. The other larger display is for music information which does not work. I assume I need some custom programming to make that work. Do you have anything in the pipeline?

No not at the moment.