HAT DAC compatible with Ropieee

Hello i’ve the HAT DAC shown hereunder
Is ropieee ready for this device or can i choose an alternative DAC in The ropieee HAT DAC’s menù?


Thank’s in advance

Might help just to post the name of the DAC you show.

That being said there is a list to choose from in the setup page in RoPieee. The list is also on the RoPieee website https://www.ropieee.org/audio_hardware/

The problem is that the DAC has no name, you can see the chip SABRE ES9038Q2M

More relevant is the USB chip, not the audio chip. If it’s an XMOS-based design, then the Linux kernel will probably recognize it.

You could try finding a DAC with the same chipset as yours on the Ropieee supported list and see what driver they use? It might work…

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Could be a good Idea