Have my computer in one room!

Hi all at Roon Community.

I remember that someone?
Told me to put my “noice” stuff in a wardrobe for example!
When only have a endpoint and my ifi micro-iUSB3.0 to connect my 2 DAC’s to!
I have changed my laptop I use Fidelizer and the purists setup, so it running anything that Roon! No updates or other things, but it’s needs to cooling down!
I have extra fan under it so it’s little noisier, and properly burning up in the end!
I now that there are USB that you can get up to 50 meters with a LAN/Ethernet cable between! And I can just leave the computer and use my iPad to control Roon with!
Any suggestions on the easiest way to do this on?


I have found a USB, with one USB male in the one end (to connect to the computer) a short cable and a little box for a LAN/Ethernet cable.
The other end a USB female to connect my ordinary USB cable, to my ifi micro iUSB3.0! This has also a short cable and little box for a LAN/Ethernet cable!

This could work, but will I lose much in sound preforming?
Because I have expensive USB cables, so I now that it’s large different between USB cables, but these from the female and male are only around 5 cm long/short so it shouldn’t have such a huge impact on the sound! Or?

The same is for the LAN/Ethernet cable between the two boxes!
It’s something I have noticed for a while ago, the difference in sound quality! I have Supra cat 8. something for the longer and between some devices, otherwise I have Entreq and Wywires. But I remember that the guy who was giving me this advice here on the community, used cat 6 unshelled to not get a lots of noise!

And it’s not working to connect the two USB’s to my network or? I remember that he used a Raspberry Pi, but that wouldn’t be necessary or?

I’m thankful for any suggestions on this “not temporary solution but just until I get what I shall use”

I think you are looking for a solution like the MicroRendu or Sonic Orbiter SE; an ethernet to USB. That way your Core is only plugged into ethernet and the endpoint take and ethernet plug and plug into the usb port of the DAC.

Exactly! But the microRendu is way too expensive because I need 2 for my 2 DAC’s, so it’s $1380 inkl iFi iPower Hello!!! And the sonicorbiter is $710 inkl the iFi iPower and it’s under hifi standards “By the company that makes them to me”!
And when a decent Ethernet cable, well a 10 meters Supra cat 8 around a couple of $200-300!!!
I get a used Aurender or something like that for wose $$$!
I thank you for your tip, but it’s way too expensive and not worth the money, sadly!

Are both DACs USB only? Are both run at once? Are both in the same general location? What is your price point?

Look for an endpoint that accepts ethernet and outputs USB, and SPDIF.

No only one of the DAC’s have USB only, and yes they are located at the same place!
I have no prize limit, but this is just a temporary solution because I shall buy new hardware soon. Probably the Fidelizer Nimitra and it’s PSU Nikola, I have been looking and tested a lot of different products! And the Nimitra is one of the best things that I have tried, I get a super prize I get both the Nimitra and the PSU Nikola for a lower price than that only the Nimitra normally cost! Okay it’s B-stock used for demonstration only, so they are like new! That’s why I’m looking for a temporary solution!

That said, buy something used that fits your temporary needs and resell it. You wont lose much if any money that way. A used version Bryston BDP-1 would work…outputs in USB and BNC (which can be adapted to SPDIF coaxial RCA.)

Maybe you want to try the PS Audio Lanrover. http://www.psaudio.com/products/lanrover-usb-transporter/

It is $599 and allows you to extend a USB connection anywhere using cheap CAT5 cable between the matched pair of tranmitter and receiver. It also provides galvanic isolation of the USB signal. Not cheap but should work fine with any new equipment if you are planning to keep the USB connection.


Well, then go with a raspberry pi build. I’m sure the guys in that section would be happy to get you sorted for cheap. I think all in its about 100.00 a pop or less.

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We’ll @Rugby I get your point! I rather wait for my new hardware setup.
I don’t want to get sorted for something that I absolutely not are!
Anyway when it comes to music products :+1:.

Use Nimitra/Nikola with Modwright/Oppo Sonica DAC and Modwright PSU. Outstanding/near instantaneous support from Keetakawee in Thailand. Is Roon Oppo solution I had been looking for. Not terribly $$ with non modded Sonica, no external PSUs. and stock Fidelizer PC and USB

Hi, I have had a lot of contact with Mr. Keetakawee about Nimitra/Nikola so it’s a door what is open!
But it’s not the Oppo Sonica DAC also a Network Player?
So both the Nimitra and the Oppo Sonica DAC, doesn’t it become a little “overkill”, or?

Please write and explain how you use them together!

I have found a from the beginning only temporarily solution, Allo’s USBridge.
But since I use Entreq earth/grounding system, so have got some special solutions from Entreq who is special made or we can call it modded!
For example my Allo USBridge doesn’t have a plexiglass case, but is taken out from it and placed in a great case of wood. It’s a case that makes it sound better than all other Roon Bridge I have tested!
It’s have the new RG45 Apollo Ethernet cable and since the Allo USBridge only has one clean USB port, but the “mini computer” Sparky has 3 USB ports so is one of them have a USB Apollo earth cable connected to the new Entreq grounding box Olympus Ten! This makes the Allo USBridge totally silent and the PSU is having a Silver Wrap around it’s cable with a Apollo earth cable also connected to a Silver Minimus grounding box!
Okay this isn’t cheap but the results it’s great and amazing sound.

If you haven’t heard of Entreq check out this link!

If you’re interested to trying something, so is it possible with absolutely no attachment to buying anything.
Don’t you have any local reseller contact me or send a email to Entreq.
A few products lifts your hole music system, I know it’s totally amazing and worth every penny.

Thanks for your reply and questions.

I stream from my NAS and Tidal via Roon to Nimitra. Nimitra/Nikola via USB to Modwright/Oppo Sonic DAC.

As to the Nimitra/Oppo Sonica DAC “over-kill” question, you may be right. The Oppo Sonica DAC is network player, and I was very happy with it streaming Tidal Hi Def and from my WD NAS (especially after the Oppo was tube modded by Dan Wright at Modwright).

However the Sonica is not compatible with Roon, nor do they intend to make is so in the foreseeable future - or at least that is what Oppo tech told me in response to several inquiries.

As I understood the technology I could have used a Raspberry or NUC as a Roon core for the Sonica, but that is beyond my technical skill level (my technical skills in the audio field are limited to connecting red to red and black to black…).

Also, as I have no PC or Mac at home (only an iPad and iPhone at home and Thinkpad at office), I would have had to invest in suitable hardware like a Mac Mini or Roon dedicated Mac or PC. This might have been the less expensive way to go, but I liked the “turn-key” aspect of Keetakawee’s product and service - which did not disappoint. I hope this answers your question.

I am familiar with Entreq and their cord/cable business, but not beyond that. I use a balanced power transformer into a Furutech power supply for all my components except my amp which plugs directly to wall Hubbell AC. Was not sure the BPT 1000VA would make a difference in my sound, but it increase clarity of voices and similar. Such a fun - and expensive hobby!

Hi Daniel,

You should try Entreq’s grounding box Silver Minimus or the new Olympus Ten, and a earth cabel like the Apollo or the new cable series Discovery or Apollo.
Connect the earth cable to your Amplifier, if you have a rca contact over it don’t matter what it is and put the earth cable on the - negative one.
When connect the other end to the grounding box, it’s makes a such great difference that you can’t imagine it :+1:.
To use 3 Garbo 4 or the best, 3 ES-Pad feet’s, under your Amplifier makes also a huge difference :smile:.
The Garbo 4 is not expensive, so if you put 3 feet’s under your Dac and Cd/Blu-ray Player you will notice a great difference against before!
(If you use them under your Cd/Blu-ray Player, place one under the lazer reader/playing device on the player for best results and the other 2 in the back of the player, so it stands stable).
This is not a expensive solution against, how much the impact it will make on your Amplifier, Dac and CD player!
To get the same results, so do you have to buy a new Amplifier, Dac and CD player for many $$$.
I promise that you will be totally amazed over the difference, between to have this Entreq products and not having them :+1:.

And as I have told every time I recommending Entreq products, I don’t work on Entreq and I don’t get - % on the products that I buying!
I’m just want to help fellow music lovers, to getting so much better sound that is amazing with Entreq’s products.
And there’s so many people who think, that Entreq’s products are so expensive!
But it’s totally wrong, Entreq has products from little cheaper to the middle and of course to expensive, but their most expensive grounding box, it’s made so it’s possible to grounding the hole system! With only one grounding box!!!
And it’s always up to each person, what’s expensive and not is expensive!
But for people who have a great and not especially cheap music system, so does they have one or a few cables that are much more expensive than Entreq’s most expensive products!

The absolutely best thing about Entreq is that, it’s making cheaper products sound much, much better and everyone can start with one or two products, and building it up so one step at the time.

I love Entreq’s products because they have made my, middle music system for around 250K-300K€ sounds like a 500K-600K€ :smile:.
And for only around 25K€ of Entreq products, we’ll you can count how much money I have saving because of Entreq products, to not have to put up a great amount of money, to get my music system sounding at least double the money :wink:.
Try it you will get the same results as I have got, thanks Entreq :notes: