Have NAD M32 Amp, roon sees NAD M12

I am just at the install stage of my trial period, beginning setup.

I have an NAD M32 DirectDigital DAC Amplifier with the DD BluOS MDC module. I just installed roon on my Windows 10 PC. Both are connected to my wired Ethernet network. When roon went looking for devices it found the NAD, but says I have a NAD M12. The M12 is a “Digital Preamp DAC”.

Does this matter?


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If you go to Device Setup … speaker icon at bottom left and then the gears … under Audio Device click on Not Your Device?/ Indentify this device, and scroll down to NAD and select the M32.

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Okay, I clicked on the speaker icon in the bottom right. Then clicked on the gears. That gives a Zone Settings window. The Zone Name is M32 - 29C0, but under that it says NAD M12. Down at the bottom the heading is Audio Device, under that NAD M12 and At the very bottom I hit DEVICE SETUP.

New window Device Setup. Sub-heading, Audio Device, under which is NAD M12. And then a list of settings. No sign of Not Your Device? / Indentify this device. Clicked on SHOW ADVANCED, got more settings, still nothing about not my device. No way I can find to get the Find your Device window as shown in your picture.

Not sure why you can’t see the ‘Not Your Device?’ link, so looping in @support for you.

Hello @RHinCT & @Martin_Webster,

The “Identify your device” screen is only available to “local” sources such as USB DACs. Roon Ready devices do not provide this option as they explicitly report their identification to Roon.

I am unsure of why your device would be reporting the incorrect identification information. In the short term, NAD M32 is reporting as a M12 should not impact the performance or functionality of the device. We will inquire with the technical team at Bluesound what could cause this behavior and get back to you.


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I suppose to be technical, I am communicating with the BluOS MDC module installed in one of the M32’s expansion slots, rather than the M3 itself.


For what is it worth, after a certain Roon update (forget which one), our demo M32 also stared being identified as an M12.
It had no impact on performance, so I have just ignored it. :wink: