Have new Different Drives Solved Slow Roon Access?

For some time now I’ve relied on 8TB Seagate Barracude HDDs internally in this PC but as the music library grew, Roon appeared sluggish. These drives have just been replaced with 2 Firecuda 8TB;s and one 8TB Ironwolf drive and the difference is dramatic. Graphic displays, access etc is near instantaneous.

Now it could be that one of the older Barracudas was not up to scratch and nearing failure so it was the reason for Roon sometimes being slow. Or it could be the extra gizmos in the newer drives are really needed for a big music library with Roon. What do you think?

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Type and Speed of the drives for solely music file storage should not have any dramatic influence on how speedy or sluggish roon is performing. Maybe a slight difference in how fast a stream is starting.

I have another theory: Are you running roon´s internal database on a spinning disc drive? And if yes, is that the same one where music files are stored and is any RAID arrangement involved? In any case of spinning discs used for the internal database, caching or RAM swapping (as a result of insufficient memory), the difference in user experience can be dramatic. Even just the fact the new drives might be less fragmented, files / database run on separated drives, RAID is providing better random access or alike.

Please note that running roon´s internal database (as well as cache or RAM replacement) on any spinning disc is not recommended and slowing down the whole thing severely. According to my experience, it is also stressing the drives.

Moving all that to an SSD would give you even more headroom and snappiness.

Thanks for the response.

Yes, Roon is on an SSD.

If you have double-checked that roon´s internal database is ´living´ on an SSD (folders ´RoonServer´, ´RoonGoer´ and alike), we can rule that out. In this case I cannot offer any explanation.

When I initially setup Roon back in the day (Roon 1.3), I was pulling my library from a NAS and I thought that was so cool having access to my music on a network.

Reading the threads I realized that I should have my music local and then back it up to the NAS. I setup a local external USB drive for my library and setup a back up to the NAS.

That was night and day with the response in Roon. Pulling from the NAS was ok but no way near as nice as pulling it local even from a USB device.

Yes different drives and different setups make a difference.