Have option to always show "Top Tracks"

New user and just encountered this bug. Went to an artist, saw several top tracks I wanted to add. Immediately after I added the first one, it no longer displays top tracks so I am unable to easily add the other few that I wanted to without digging around to try and find them again in various albums.

Another issue. When I click ‘View All Albums’ it shows me all of the artist’s albums as expected. When I click the ‘View All Tracks’ link immediately above it, expecting to see a list of all tracks, I instead see only the one track that I just previously added to my library. How can I View all Tracks the way I can View all Albums? This unexpected asymmetry in the user interface makes for a very non-intuitive user experience. It should really be labelled 'View All Tracks in your library".


I am on day 2 of the demo and this is driving me nuts. I am loving this product but I am not sure if I can spend such a significant amount of money without such a basic feature not working. It seems almost entirely random when it chooses to work.

For example I was just listening to some NIN, and first off the main albums is split in two with Downward Spiral separated from the rest of the albums? Uuuuuh okay? Sure whatever. But the ‘top tracks’ is literally just all from Downward Spiral - it makes no sense.

I have nothing but Tidal added to Roon, no local files.


There is no sense in posting here further.

Even though it’s a bug, it has been marked as a Feature request by someone apparently more “clever” than us, complaining users.

Therefore, the Roon team won’t give a …minute to care.

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Actually the OP created this topic as feature request, no one moved it. I understand some frustration that it’s not been addressed but the arguing over semantics and pint fingers is not overly productive.

Well this is disappointing. I will not be renewing my subscription then. Such a poop experience having to have tidal open in the back, just gonna use tidal now. This app was all about music discovery and convenience, what happened?


Its just incredibly frustrating that roon has not even REPLIED to this.
Just a simple “we’re working on it” or “this won’t be added because X” would at least be nice.

As myself, and many others in this thread have said, this is a feature that should be standard, and not having it is directly pushing people away from renewing. Having to have a second client such as tidal or spotify open side-by side with roon is incredibly clunky and completely negates much of the simplicity roon otherwise offers.

The only reason I resubbed is because I got a license code with some hardware I bought. But other than that, I just can’t see myself continuing to use roon if such a critical feature is missing and Roon staff have not responded in any manner to this issue.

Please, please can we get an answer to this. Having artist top tracks, sourced from any number of places be it Roon’s own collated userdata, Tidal, Qobuz, Billboard, anything, is critically important to the experience of the user.
And the fact that we are having to use another service to get something so basic despite paying a considerable amount for roon is really disappointing.


Roon usually does not make any comments about upcoming features unless they are ready to be shipped. Don’t take any non-response personally.

However, you have had a direct comment, from Dylan.

If there has not been an official update from Dylan original post, then it is probably because they are not ready to release any fix. I am sure when they are, you will hear an announcement.

Based on Dylan’s comment, it sounds like the issue is more likely a bug which will be corrected as part of a change to the Artist page.

I’m not sure @Rugby, the post from @dylan is pretty ambiguous and from over a year ago.

Is he saying ALL artists pages will have a Top Tracks whether you have added an album or not?

Or, is he saying, only Artists where you have never added an album will have Top Tracks, but sometimes that is not working?

I hope the former and hope it is coming soon!

Hi Rob, I don’t want to speak for Dylan as only he knows what he really meant. I can say that I interpret it as whatever issue was causing some Top Tracks to NOT appear will be resolved. Meaning that, if appropriate, there should be a Top Tracks section.

Hi same here roon desktop win 10 with Qobuz, after add any song to library top tracks disappear from artist page. The only workaround that make top track return is to eliminate music from library!!! Come on Roon please fix this.
Frustrating !!! .

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I signed up for one year before I took the plunge for a permanent license.

I love Roon, but this is a feature that if it doesn’t exist when I go to renew - I will not renew. It is the most basic of features. It would be like Roon not having playlists.

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You have a lifetime license? How do you ‘not renew’?

Yes, I signed up for a one year to kick the tires before I am willing to throw down $600 to buy the lifetime license. This is a missing feature that will cause me to not purchase said lifetime license if it is not present.

To me this is a complete deal breaker. It’s functionality that has been absolutely standard for close to a DECADE. And for such a premium product with a price to match it is just silly they can’t execute on it.

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Okay, I misunderstood what you had written.
Roon has acknowledged this is broken, so hopefully it will get worked out soon.

MHO, IF that is the only reason holding you back then don’t wait. Lifetime won’t be around forever and certainly not at the current price. Roon has consistently said it is not going to last

Only thing I can do in life is vote with my dollars. Not handing over $700 for software missing basic features.

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Hi Andrew,

I do understand. But, it is not like the feature is not there, it is…

And, the issue on what can cause it to not appear is under investigation:

Given that you know 1.8 is being beta tested, I would assume that the upcoming release would include the changes dylan mentioned to the Artist page in the excerpt above.

It’s very clear that any time you add any album or song from said artist to your library, the top tracks goes away.

Has (not)worked pretty consistently in this manner since I got Roon. I’ve stopped adding albums to my library as I use to habitually do, as as soon as I do, the top tracks feature bugs and disappears.

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In my case they don’t go away. Instead, Roon will pick top tracks from the album(s) I added to my library. In comparison almost all music streaming services have most popular tracks under artist page. I’m not sure why Roon would make their top tracks react to the albums added to the library.

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I’m a new user and came to this board to complain about this. Even when the Top Track’s are shown, it only shows 8 tracks. There is no “View All Top Tracks” as there is for albums, singles, appearances, and everything else. It’s maddening that it’s easier for me to find the 465 cover versions of “Hey Jude” than it is to simply get a list of the most popular Beatles songs.

As a former database developer, before I bought Roon I read with interest the meta-data documentation and how their object-oriented database is so much more powerful than a flat database [and all the other music services are doing it “wrong”]. But that power is useless when it cannot do what every other music service does with ease - and what most users actually want.

That this topic has been open and unaddressed for 18 months is just… willful negligence.