Have purchased a Nucleus but

Cannot work out what I should download to allow my PC, which was previously my Core, to be a remote controller for the Nucleus. Subsequently I cannot get my Nucleus to access the USB stick with the latest back-up on it.
Also, I have switched to the Nucleus as being the Core on my iPhone X but cannot get the Nucleus pointed to my music library on my NAS.
I know it’s supposed to be easy but why is it it never is?


The ordinary Roon program can control your Nucleus. Just disconnect from the PC Core under Settings/General and then connect to your Nucleus as Core.

See Step 2 in the Nucleus Migration Guide as to how to restore to the Nucleus from a USB stick backup.

Once you restore from the backup, Roon should see your NAS again if you were previously using it for storage.

To setup a new NAS storage seehere.

Just disconnect from the PC Core under Settings/General and then connect to your Nucleus as Core.

Settings/General where? In Roon or my PC? I really struggle with speaking even conversational Geek, so need, really, really specific information in dealing with this sort of stuff.
I do appreciate you’re trying to help but if someone isn’t, figuratively, holding my hand with this I get lost very quickly.

OK, I have managed to change to the Nucleus as my Core, but am having no success in restoring my data base. The manual says that instead of signing in I should click on Restore a Backup, but I haven’t been presented with this option.
That long low whine you’re hearing is my despair at dealing with technology. Once I get there I am generally OK, it’s the getting there that’s difficult.

Have you navigated to Backup and clicked on ‘browse’ (next to find backups)? If you have your usb stick with the backed-up database on it (I think you said that), then maybe you can access it?


No matter how one accesses it, whether from the Roon Core machine or from a Remote,
Settings==>(whatever) always refers to the Roon Core.

Hello @Jack_Clark, The screen below is the one we’re looking for, could you reboot the core and see if it comes up?

What else is showing in its place? Do you have the option to create a new account at all or something else?