Have quality badges gone?

Can’t seem to find them any more…

I have a large library but many of the albums in it were ripped a long time ago, so there is a right old mix of formats. It was very useful to be able to quickly see which ones are in need of re-ripping (a huge ongoing project)

Have I just lost the setting, or has this been removed in 1.8?

Exactly what do you mean by “Quality Badge”? Is this bit rate (e.g. 257 kpbs) , bit depth, or the container format (e.g. CD)?

Presumably you could use Focus from your library Album view and select AAC and MP3 under Format. That will give you all your lossy files.

Sorry if this wasn’t clear - before 1.8 it was easy to apply an icon to the album cover that showed its quality. This made it clear which albums were already in high quality format, as opposed to those in mp3 or AAC.

Granted you can use Focus to filter them, but I found it very useful to not have to do this in order to see which would need re-ripping

if i understand correctly, there is some control over what album info is displayed:

go to settings > general > customize album display (edit)

there are a number of items you can select to view including format info

*** however, i see that “in library” icon is not being displayed either in albums view or when viewing individual albums

I did’t notice this information has gone from album cover. But now you can see it under the cover in library. You can see DR and tags either.

Yeah I appreciate that the info is still there, I just miss the badges - I find them much more eye catching when you scroll through the library and spot one that you thought you’d ripped - or as in the case of “Grace” clearly I have ripped three times…