Have to reboot Sonos Connect - "Roon lost control..."

@support I’m experiencing similar issues as others regarding the use or Roon with Sonos. I too am getting the “Transport: Roon lost control of audio device”.

My set up is using an iMac 5k i7 as the Core running version 1.4. I have a Sonos Bridge connected via a unmanaged ethernet switch. My Sonos transport device is a Sonos Connect which is connected to my audio system and connects to the Sonos Bridge via their mesh network. I use an Airport Extreme as my router and I have it set up to always assign the same IP to the Sonos devices when getting rebooted. I use an iPad, iPhone and a MacBook Pro for controlling the Roon.

The issue arises in a variety of scenarios. I often let Roon play in Radio Mode and it will for a couple of hours then for no reason, it will stop playing and give the the error message. Other times it will happen if I chose to skip to the next track. Note: This does not happen every time I chose to skip a track. Another scenario might be pausing the music when leaving my home, them selecting Play once I return I will get the error message. Again, this is not always the case. I’v had success multiple times when releasing the Pause command or using the Track Forward command.

I’ve noticed when this happens, I can go to the Sonos app and select music in Music Library then double click on the music and get it to play but without the Sonos transport controls being available.

I can always get things working again if I reboot the Sonos Connect.


Hi @Devin_Dahlgren ----- Thank you for the post and the feedback, the insight is always appreciated! I have split your post out to it’s own “support thread” so I can address this behavior you are experiencing with you directly.

To offer a quick update. We’ve had a handful of these types reports from other Roon + Sonos users and despite our tech team’s best efforts we have been unable to consistently replicate this error (i.e "Transport: Roon lost control of audio device”) in house. As I am sure you can imagine, when we are only seeing varying results during our test runs it is hard to make a conclusion on what the root cause (or causes) of the issue could be :microscope::thinking:

In light of the above, we have plans in the works to set up some field testing in an environment where the issue can easily be replicated. A contact of ours who is in the area, has similar issues to you and we’re optimistic that using his setup as a testing ground is going to yield some results.

In the meantime, I would like to get all of your information into the ticket we have been using to track this issue so we have it on hand. Please see below.

  • Please provide a brief but accurate description of your current setup using this link as a guide.

  • Please describe your network configuration/topology, being sure to provide insight into any networking hardware you are currently implementing.

  • Please list the Sonos devices you are currently using in your setup.


Hi Eric,

Thanks for your follow up. The link you provided doesn’t allow me access.

For my network topo I have an Apple Airport Extreme Tower connected to an Araknis 5 port unmanaged gigabit switch. On that switch, I have my Linn Majik DSM, an Apple TV 4k, and a Sonos Bridge. I also have from the Aiport Extreme Tower, an ethernet connection to an Airport Express being used as an extender elsewhere in my house. On that, I have an Apple TV 2 ethernet connected.

My Sonos system is a single Sonos Connect which connects to my network wirelessly via the Sonos Bridge which is connected to the Araknis switch I mentioned above. I should mention I have two Lutron Pico Audio remotes which are both programmed to control the one Sonos Connect. I mostly control the system via an iPad Air but I at times I use a Macbook Pro and my iPhone 6s. The problem doesn’t seem to care what device I use to control it.

So you know, the Sonos Connect is connected to a secondary audio system in my home. It is not being used as part of the Linn Majik DSM.

When the problem occurs, I simply reboot the Sonos Connect and all is good for another couple of hours or so. Sometimes the problem presents itself after I’ve tapped the track forward button, sometimes it happens when I release pause back to play and sometimes it happens in the middle of a song when no actions were taken.

Hope this helps.

Thank you for the follow up @Devin_Dahlgren, the feedback and insight are both appreciated. My apologies for the link above, upon reviewing my previous i noticed that a “0” had been added to the end of it which caused the problem. It has since been adjusted.

I have added all of your feedback to the mentioned ticket so we have it on hand (thank you again) and in the meantime, I am curious, how close (approx) would you say the connect is to the mentioned router? I know it is mounted to the Araknis switch but the reason for my asking is because I had a report of another Sonos user reporting a similar issue and they ended up figuring out that the further they moved their Sonos device from their router, the more things improved.

From the Sonos user’s manual:

“if you have a Sonos product wired into your WiFi router, separate the two devices as far as the Ethernet cable between them allows; 1 ft. (30cm) or more is ideal. Also make sure your Sonos system and router are operating on different wireless channels. Reducing wireless interference - Get Answers about Sonos”


The Sonos Bridge is located in the basement media room and is sitting on a shelf with no other wifi connected devices. The Sonos Connect sits about 10 feet away on the floor above the Sonos Bridge. The main Apple Airport Extreme is located in my basement office about 20 feet away with an ethernet cable running directly from it to the switch at the Sonos Bridge location.

Thank you for the insight @Devin_Dahlgren, very appreciated! I wanted to make sure you weren’t experience a similar issue due to the location of your Sonos gear.

As mentioned we are going to be doing some field testing in the coming weeks to see if wee can get to the root cause of this behavior. Once testing has been completed we’ll be interested to hear your feedback once we take the results of those tests and use them to make changes to our Sonos implementation. We’ll let you know how things are proceeding :microscope:

We really do appreciate your patience here, Devin. Thanks again!

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Hi @Eric,

Can you give an update on this, even if just to say we did some testing or the testing was delayed… Am hopeful you guys can make progress with Sonos connection issues!

Is there an update to this issue, as I am experiencing the same problem with dropouts. Thanks.

I am using an Asus i7 quad core laptop 16GB ram 64bit OS Win 10 as a roon core and streaming to a Sonos Connect Amp. If I use Sonos by itself it works perfectly and no dropouts.

I am seeing the same issue on my setup. After about 10 to 15 minutes I get the “roon lost control…” error. Looking at sonos application for the device I see a popup that the “Sample rate is not supported”. Playing tidal or spotify music via the sonos app continues to work while I need to restart the sonos player for roon to work again.

Just wanted to join back in on this issue. I started experiencing the “lost control” errors shortly after purchasing LT Subscription about three months ago and am still experiencing this issue. Opened a case, uploaded logs, etc, etc. Maybe if enough people report still having the issue it will get resolved and I/we can finally ditch the Sonos app.

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Hello All,

I don’t have any new information to share at the moment, however I felt it was important to chime in and say that all of your reports are being heard and documented. This is an active investigation involving multiple levels of our organization, including members of the support, QA, and development teams.

There are two bits of information that may help us out with figuring out what is happening when this error is occuring

  1. How many zones do you have on your network?
  2. Do you see this error when playing to a single zone with a known strong network connection (ie. hardwired or close to the router)?


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This is happening more often to me.

  • I have many zones (> 7) that are Sonos and some that are not.
  • generally the problem happens with skipping songs
  • I just had it happen with a single zone with strong connection
  • But the problem happens much more for me with multiple zones. With multiple zones it can happen mid-song with no action. With one zone it only happens skipping songs, especially skipping a few times in a row.

Thanks for the post, good to hear this is being worked.


For people that get a Lost Control of a Sonos, I find a reboot fixes it quickly. Here is the command:

I’d love to get an update on this. Unless someone is making progress on this problem, them I’m going to have to decide whether to ditch Sonos or ditch Roon.


Hello @Chay_Wesley,

I moved your post to a more active thread. I posted this a few days ago, and we’re still working on things.


Hi John:

There are two bits of information that may help us out with figuring out what is happening when this error is occuring

How many zones do you have on your network?

I have 3 zones in total.

Do you see this error when playing to a single zone with a known strong network connection (ie. hardwired or close to the router)?



PS: And in my case Roon usually loses control of the Connect at the end of a song (before the next one in the queue starts).

I am having the same issue. Trying to play on a Sonos Connect. One issue I’ve identified is the IP address in Settings>Audio for the CONNECT is incorrect, but I can’t figure out how to change that. I’ve disabled and re-enabled the device, but Roon is still under the impression that it is at the incorrect IP address.

How can I make Roon completey forget about the CONNECT, then rescan and find it again? Or, can I somehow manually change the IP address within settings?

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