Have to restart Roon Core every day

Core Machine

Windows 10, Intel core i5, 16Gb Ram

Network Details

Asus XT8 Zenwifi AX mesh router. Roon core is wired.

Audio Devices

Mixture of endpoints. Android devices, B&W Formation Wedge, Kef LS50 W.

Description of Issue

My whole setup was working fine until I swapped my router from a Netgear Nighthawk on the 192.168.1.* subnet to an Asus mesh router on the 192.168.50.* subnet.

My PC picked up a new IP and I reserved it like I do with most of my devices. Everything seemed to work fine which I was surprised at.

The next day, my android devices couldn’t see the core. I had to resort to restarting the Roon Server on my PC. Then everything kicks in again and my endpoints can see it. This will work for all of the day until I come to use it again the next morning and I then have to restart the server.

I’ve checked any antivirus IDS IPS etc… on the router. This isn’t blocking anything local on my network.

Running Roon 1.8

Any help would be appreciated.

HI David,

Not official support, but, helpful user with something to try.

If it is the android devices, when you cannot connect to core, there can be a blue help link which will allow you to enter the core ip address, try entering instead and see if that works.

Thank you, will try that. It will most likely be tomorrow before it happens again.

Hi Daniel, that fixed the problem. Thanks so much :grinning:

Do you know the reason this happens and have you heard of a fix that will stop this from happening in the future?

Glad it worked for you.

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