Have trouble getting the Ropieee display working

I’m having trouble getting Ropieee working on an R-Pi with a 7" touchscreen display. Everything seems to work except I don’t see the what’s playing screen with album art.

So, in more detail:
My core (Intel NUC running ROCK) is running the latest version (build 401). My Mac which is what I use as a control point is also running build 401. Everything works and it plays music.

I installed the latest version (239) of RoPieee on a R-Pi with the 7" display. It seems to have installed correctly and I’ve configured it using the RoPieee webpage. RoPieee boots and gets all the way to the screen that says “… We’re running. RoPieee is RUNNING …”

In the Roon app on my Mac, I see that the core sees the Raspberry Pi. In the “About Roon” box it shows “Roon Bridge [newroipeee] (” (newropieee is the hostname).

So all the above seems that it’s working as it should be. However the 7" display just shows the R-Pi text console, not the now playing screen with artwork.

Now there is one step that I could not complete: In the RoPieee Beginner’s Guide by Nathan Wilkes, it says you have to go into Roon Settings -> Extensions and enter the zone name that you entered into the RoPieee web settings (Display tab) as the “Roon Control Zone”. When I go into Roon Settings -> Extensions I see no place where I can set the zone name.

Can @support offer any advice?

Have you named the endpoint the same in Roon and on the Ropieee web page?

That’s my question. Where do I name the endpoint on the Roon side? The instructions said go to Settings -> Extensions, but I don’t see a place to name the endpoint there.

The endpoint is named in the audio settings…you must follow the same name in the ropieee web interface settings for them to be identical

Some good info here https://codexwilkes.com/downloads/ropieee-guide-for-beginners.pdf

Moved this to the ropieee area. No need to flag support, not their setup issue

You need to go where you enabled the end point, name it there and give the device the same name in Ropieee.

You also need to enable the extension in roon in settings extensions

That may be the problem. The instructions say: “If using as a display, enable the RoPieee
extension in Roon Settings → Extensions”.

However, I do not see any option to enable the display in Roon Settings → Extensions. I do see an option to enable a RoPieee Remote Control. I’ve done that, but I don’t see a way to enable a Display.

Also, I should mention that I see a yellow lightning bolt on the R-Pi Display. What does that mean?

This shows the RoPiee settings where I’ve named the Control Zone “Den”

This shows the Roon Endpoint Setting is also named “Den”

This shows the Settings -> Extensions Dialog where there is no setting to enable the Display

What am I missing?

Ok when you installed the os was the display connected? Is it an original RPi 7” display or some other brand?

The lightning bolt means your power supply is not good enough

The display was connected when I installed the OS. I even saw a console message that said “Touchscreen Detected”. It’s an original RPi 7" display.

Maybe reflash and run the install again. Replugging the display connections too. If the display tab is not there then it’s often a missed detection during install

The Display Tab is present in the RoPieee web setting interface. See the screenshot above. Are you referring to a Display Tab in Roon settings -> Extensions? Can you show me a screenshot of where you enabled the display in Roon Settings -> Extensions?

Thanks for the assistance!

Sorry Steven I’m not at home so can’t screen shot it but maybe @spockfish Harry can if he is about…its not shown in the pdf how to I linked?

The PDF has a screen shot of enabling the RPi as an audio zone and as a remote control. No screenshot of enabling it as a display. Here’s the relevant section of the PDF:

I’m going to enable it as an audio endpoint and see if that helps.

I enabled it as an audio endpoint in the RoPieee settings and rebooted. It did show up as an audio endpoint in Roon Settings -> Audio, but it didn’t make the display work. So I think the missing link is how to enable it as just a Display in Roon Settings -> Extensions. Or why it doesn’t show up as an Display endpoint in Roon Settings -> Extensions.

Thanks again for the assistance. I have to get ready for work (it’s 7:30 AM on the east coast of the US). I’ll check in during the day and pick this up again this evening. I can try re-flashing then.

In Roon settings you enable the zone and name it and you also enable the ropieee extension. There is no display to enable in roon extensions just the ropieee extension.

In ropieee webpage if you have the display tab you set the orientation if needed and name it the same as the zone you enabled in roon. If you dont have the display tab then you need to reflash.

I would sort out the power issue before trying a reflash. There are two connections for power needed when running the display. 5 volt 2 amp power brick works for mine.

It looks like you already enabled the extension, according to your screenshot.

Given that nothing is displayed at this point, and you have confirmed that “Den” is spelled the same (no spaces etc), and you have confirmed your power source, I would try the following:

  1. Reboot your Core and endpoints.
  2. If that doesn’t work, try re-flashing.
  3. If that doesn’t work, submit feedback (from the Advanced tab in the web page) and tag @spockfish with the identifier.

@Nathan_Wilkes @wizardofoz @bearFNF and others:

I really appreciate the assistance. Here’s where things stand now based on your suggestions:

  1. The problem is that the 7" display screen stays in text mode, displaying the Linux console. It never switches into graphical mode (if indeed there is a mode change). The last line on the display is “RoPieee is RUNNING”
  2. I’ve rebooted the RPi with two power supplies so the lightning bolt is gone. I thought I could power the display and the RPi with a single 5V 2.5 amp supply, but apparently that is not the case.
  3. The audio zone that I want displayed is a pair of LS-50Ws. The name of the zone is “Den”. The same name is used in the RoPieee net interface in the Display Tab.
  4. I’ve rebooted the Core, the speakers, and the RPi.
  5. Apparently I have enabled the RoPieee extension. It says “RoPieee Remote Control V2”; I was expecting it to say something like “RoPieee Display”, but if that’s the correct thing, then I do have it enabled.
  6. So the only thing to do before reaching out to @spockfish is to reflash the RPi and start over. I’ll do that this evening and then try again.

Again, thanks for the assistance.


One thing I forgot to mention is to be sure to format the SD card first before flashing. Let us know how you fare tonight.


This is what will display for the extension…so you are good. Reflash…and maybe have both your powersupplies connected when you install. 3.5A adapter should be OK