Have you bought new equipment just for roon?

Sorry title bit obscure but since getting properly into roon a few weeks ago I find I’m about to sell some existing equipment (amp, dac and streamer) so I can buy an amp/dac that is roon tested thereby I no longer have to see that annoying ‘device not recognised’ next to my current dac.
May be I’m just a bit ocd but I can’t wait to plug everything up and finally get to click on the icon in device setup and everything will be nice and neat lol.

Yes, two Google CCAs (+ optical cable and ethernet adapter) and a CCU 4k.

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Lumin D1 … very happy, and prior to that an SMS-200 and a microRendu both OK but the Lumin was a much better buy.

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Antipodes EX. possible end game for me

Absolutely. I bought a Sonore microRendu in order to be able to use Roon with my Quad sound system. Have never looked back and recently upgraded the microRendu/DAC/preamp to a Matrix Audio element X.

Intel NUC, for Roon ROCK.

Just for Roon? Well, I’ve bought a lot of stuff since I signed up for Roon, but it’s really for the music and the experience that Roon enables, not for Roon specifically.

Allo DigiOne, IQaudIO Pi-DAC+ (x2) and IQaudIO Pi-DigiAMP+.

I built a new Raspberry Pi so I could experiment with Ropieeee. And now I’m in the market for another DAC+headphone amp for my bedroom that I wouldn’t really have much use for if it weren’t for Roon/RAAT, so I think that counts. Roon enables me to get high quality audio in other rooms of my house that made me suddenly dissatisfied with the gear I currently have in those places.

One iPad, two computers as cores, 2 touch-screen monitors, and a few other monitors for “Now Playing” and bouncing music visuals. Doesn’t count the MQA DAC I bought but not directly because of Roon…

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When I first signed up for roon I was using usb from mac mini to NAD M32 and airplay devices for multiroom playback all from ripped CD’s.

Over the last 12-18 months I’ve bought 2x BluOS cards for my NAD amps, 2x Pulse mini2is and a node 2 (for a Marantz CR611) and Tidal for MQA.

I’d say roon/Tidal was 50% of the reason existing components 50%


RPi with Allo Signature HAT, Pro-Ject Pre Box S2D, AudioQuest USB, Blue Jeans Interconnects

Same. Nuc i3 and it handles everything I have thrown at it so far.

In addition to buying the lifetime license I didn’t buy anything new, I reused what I had at home: raspberry pi 2 with the boss 1.2 dac and a nuc (recently updated) where I installed ubuntu server and Roon.

Two PC’s, a NUC and an m-ITX build. A streamer/DAC with clock. Three Pi’s, a Primare NP5 and lots of CAT6a cable!

Roon rekindled my music interest, so -

Pre-Roon was an Onkyo receiver and some ■■■■■■ box speakers.

As of today -

Ryzen 7==(Ethernet)==>RPi4==(USB)==>Mutec 3==(BJC Coax)==>iFi Pro DAC==(BJC RCA)==>
PrimaLuna Evo 400 pre-amp==(BJC balanced)==>Schiit Vidar monos==>GoldenEar Triton 5s.

All Roon caused, most only semi-permanent.

Still chasing the dragon.

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Numerous times now…

–1 Sonore microRendu
–1 Allo USBridge
–2 Orchard Audio PecanPi Streamers

Interestingly enough, I initially purchased Roon lifetime (4/1/2 years ago) to replace LMS for all of my Squeezeboxes, which are now slowly being replaced by Roon endpoints that support Roon RAAT.

Also now contemplating a NUC w/Rock to replace using my desktop Win PC for RoonServer.

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SonicTransporter i5 (for Roon core and main music store) + opticalRendu streamer to feed my DAC

Intel NUC i5 for ROCK + Akasa fanless enclosure. Allo USBridge (to connect to Quad Atera). Chromecast Audio (for headphones) + Chromecast Ultra for a Roon display on the TV. Rpi3 + Rpi Touchscreen for Ropieee display.