Have you ever wondered what the 'Only Classical' switch is good for?

The Compositions Browser

You can choose to only display Classical compositions by setting the slider toggle at the top right of the display to “on”.

So what makes something count as a classical composition?

I always assumed it’s the “Is classical composer” yes/no switch for composers (artists) defining that.

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I thought it was the Classical genre. Learning every day…

And while we talk about compositions…

What a strange idea is it to base this composition classification on composer information.
Just because somebody has ever made a single classical composition, doesn’t qualify all of his compositions to be classical (as it is actually handled by Roon).

But as the picture above depicts all the classical compositions in my library, I will just live with it and don’t open up a feature request to ask for the possibility to mark compositions as classical or not.

Having “genre” as a focus criteria in compositions wouldn’t be such a bad thing; might even have been requested before.

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