Have you guys tried different roon cores to roon bridge?

As the title says,I am very curious If I use a different roon core to roon bridge,will the sound really be different?
by the way,no using any dsp,upsampling.

I’ve used a Roon Core multiple ways - on macOS, on WIN10, on a WIN10 VM in Ubuntu, RoonServer on macOS and WIN10, and run ROCK.

There is no difference in SQ, that I can detect. Those who would disagree would be holding a minority opinion, I think.

One thing I’ve noticed lately is that, at least on my system, RoonServer under WIN10 is unstable and tends to crash or not recover well after Windows boots itself for an update.

Doesn’t make sense since RoonServer should be just a subset of the complete Roon package.

I don’t see that Slim, though Win10 updates cause dropouts for me until the machine restarts. Presume you’ve tried reinstalling RoonServer ?

Running RoonServer on my Ryzen WIN10 machine.

RoonServer has crashed twice, in the middle of playing music.

On two occasions separate from the mentioned crashes, I have woken to find that for some reason my machine rebooted during the night, whether from a Windows update or because of a crash that was either Win10 caused or RoonServer caused (dunno)…

I don’t know if those crashes caused latent library corruption. I do know that sometime later corruption showed up and, according to support, had occurred 1 month prior.

On one of those occasions, because Roon will blissfully backup a corrupted library, I had no good backup to restore from.

A lot of trouble lately. Therefore, I have 1) temporarily stopped curating my library, 2) backup to multiple places, with multiple retention periods on multiple schedules and 3) run the full Roon package in place of RoonServer.

Since I stopped using RoonServer, no trouble the last couple of weeks. I know that doesn’t make sense, but that’s my experience.

I’ll see what happens when Windows reboots for an update.

A couple of times.

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