Have you had multiple reboots or disconnects recently?

Hello all,

To those who are running a Nucleus, I have a question. Have you had multiple reboots or disconnects recently?

Yes. It’s fine for an hour or so, it then disconnects quite frequently,it will reboot, but takes about 5 minutes. I thought the 1.8 upgrades we’re supposed to fix this problem.

I have the same problem, to the point it will not boot up. That’s what happens when you have a
consumer level hardware doing server duties. I’m very disappointed with this and had to put the core
on a high end windows PC.

I don’t know how many Nucleus users there are (out of 250,000+ Roon users), but they would be complaining en masse if this were the case. There was no rush to respond to your question either (15 days later…)
For those suffering, it might be helpful to describe the rest of your network and system endpoints/DACs to determine if there are any common factors, including of course when the issue started for you. Start a Support thread if you have not done so already.