Having a hard time with the way Roon orders iTunes tracks


I use Roon as follows:

  • Core on a MacBook Air that has a small SSD,
  • All my tracks organised in iTunes on a MacBook Pro (I’m a professional DJ and use Traktor, so all my tracks need to remain on my Pro so they can be used for Doing)
  • Roon core connecting to ‘Music’ folder on Pro to access all iTunes tracks

So far the only usable way of using Roon for me has been to use the iTunes playlists I already have set up. If using just my Pro to play music I use the ‘tracks’ view in iTunes sorted by ‘date added’, ensuring that when I import an album for example the last track in the album is imported first and the first track imported last.

Is there any way I can get the tracks view in Roon to behave in the same way as iTunes? Currently it’s just all my iTunes tracks in a totally random order when I sort by Roon’s date field.



Are you in the Tracks section? If so, go all the way to the right and click the blue carot pointing down. This brings up a menu allowing you to add/remove sort-able fields. Add “Date Added”.

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