Having a problem with duplicate plays/scrobbles [Roon Investigating]

Hi guy’s this is not a new issue and thread’s have been raised in the past.

Many times I have had to clear out my scrobbles (mostly from Roon) when they have gone crazy.
Sadly this doesn’t seem to have been improved over the last few years.

I’m actually less concerned about the duplicate scrobbles. The duplicate play counts (within Roon itself) are more problematic when trying to review your listening history to get a sense for what you’ve been listening to most.

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I’ve had a problem in the past with duplicates specifically from Qobuz. I can’t find the thread, but I know that the duplication was caused by Qobuz’s behavior rather than Roon. If you have scrobbling turned on in the Qobuz app itself, outside of Roon, Roon scrobbles, Qobuz knows the track was played, and then Qobuz scrobbles. For whatever reason, this doesn’t happen with Tidal. tl:dr - try turning off scrobbling in the Qobuz app and see if that makes a difference.

Oh now that might well be a different issue. I have never really noticed any duplicates on the Roon listening side.
I mostly play my local library though, with maybe 10 - 15% Tidal for listening to new music.

Thanks, @kneville @Michael_Harris. In my case Qobuz is not connected to last.fm and I’m experiencing the same behavior with Qobuz and local library (files on my NAS).

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That is a strange one. Just gone back over the last several days of my history and not a single duplicate on Roon, I run on Rock and I can’t think that I have ever seen it.

If it is happening on your local library as well then something needs a bit of investigation. Are you running Roon on your NAS as well as storing music on the NAS?

Yes, for me it seems to happen when listening via ARC on my iPhone with local files at home.

So you are running on a MacBook Eric?
Certainly puts my thoughts about NAS to bed

I use ARC in the week and I didn’t see it but it could be having issues knowing exactly what has been synched, and I will keep an eye out for it this week

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My local library files are stored on a Synology NAS connected (via crossover Cat6 ethernet) via SMB to an intel Core i7 based server running Ubuntu Server 20.04.5 LTS x64, this is where Roon Core is running.

Yes the core is on the MacBook Pro. I’ll do some additional testing as well this week.

The Roon support team will be back in Monday, hopefully they can request access to your logs and get some understanding of what is happening for you

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Thanks, @Michael_Harris. This is my hope as well!

Bump, anyone from Roon support?

Can I get a response or acknowledgement from the Roon team on this?

I’m finding that I’m getting duplicate scrobbles to last.fm from ARC whenever the stream is interrupted by a notification, or the stream is paused for a while and then resumed. Typically this should only result in a single scrobble per track, but it seems something is going on with ARC that causes Roon to scrobble the track multiple times.

I’m running Roon ROCK with ARC on Android if it matters.

Likewise, when using the Waze app on trips, I receive multiple Last.fm scrobbles for the same track played once. Someone pointed out that Waze settings allow certain music apps to continue playing a track in the background, at a lower volume, when Waze provides an audio notification.

In theory, this may avoid a streaming interruption. Unfortunately, the ARC app is not one of the recognized apps yet. So I have not been able to confirm whether this would be a solution to the multiple scrobble issue.

Hi @tretneo,

Please accept my apologies for having failed to acknowledge your report sooner with a staff post in the flurry of support requests. Rest assured the team is catching up to sure footing and will be more prompt in this thread and others moving forward.

We’ve pulled logs and will investigate with QA, but we’ll be treating the Last.fm reports independently from your issue with duplicate plays within Roon’s own track counts.

Do you have any new tracks or albums that trigger this issue since your original report (as in, that you’d paused/unpaused recently and noticed)?

Additionally, can you please confirm one additional detail from my colleague @noris’s question to your post in the other thread:

When it happens in Roon, where do you see the multiple plays, in the History browser?

Please let us know if you’re experiencing any different symptoms on the latest build and we will follow up with the results of our team’s investigation as soon as possible. I understand some of you have been experiencing this prior to ARC, so we’d like to resolve it once and for all.

Hi @tretneo,

Please see my most recent response in the other thread for an update on this issue:

Hi Connor,

I am no longer having these issues and the thread can be closed. I didn’t do anything special, it simply stopped happening after updates to Roon Core and Roon ARC.

Thank you!