Having a problem with duplicate plays/scrobbles [Roon Investigating]

Likewise, when using the Waze app on trips, I receive multiple Last.fm scrobbles for the same track played once. Someone pointed out that Waze settings allow certain music apps to continue playing a track in the background, at a lower volume, when Waze provides an audio notification.

In theory, this may avoid a streaming interruption. Unfortunately, the ARC app is not one of the recognized apps yet. So I have not been able to confirm whether this would be a solution to the multiple scrobble issue.

Hi @tretneo,

Please accept my apologies for having failed to acknowledge your report sooner with a staff post in the flurry of support requests. Rest assured the team is catching up to sure footing and will be more prompt in this thread and others moving forward.

We’ve pulled logs and will investigate with QA, but we’ll be treating the Last.fm reports independently from your issue with duplicate plays within Roon’s own track counts.

Do you have any new tracks or albums that trigger this issue since your original report (as in, that you’d paused/unpaused recently and noticed)?

Additionally, can you please confirm one additional detail from my colleague @noris’s question to your post in the other thread:

When it happens in Roon, where do you see the multiple plays, in the History browser?

Please let us know if you’re experiencing any different symptoms on the latest build and we will follow up with the results of our team’s investigation as soon as possible. I understand some of you have been experiencing this prior to ARC, so we’d like to resolve it once and for all.

Hi @tretneo,

Please see my most recent response in the other thread for an update on this issue:

Hi Connor,

I am no longer having these issues and the thread can be closed. I didn’t do anything special, it simply stopped happening after updates to Roon Core and Roon ARC.

Thank you!