Having Issues Connecting New Tablet

I purchased a tablet to serve as a dedicated device to run Roon.
It’s currently on another tablet that I don’t want to use for Roon

Spent several hours trying to get new device to connect as a remote to main download on laptop.

I have followed instructions by ensuring remote access is turned on.

After downloading Roon App, it scans unsuccessfully to locate a roon device even though the computer with Roon license and streamer are both on same wifi network and both turned on.

i require assistance to either transfer the subscription to the new
Dedicated tablet or connect it as remote device.

Can you offer assistance to resolve both replacement of subscription to new device and connecting as remote?

Hi Todd,

I moved this to a support thread so that support can see and engage to help you. Can you detail more about the new tablets make/model, the make/model/OS of your RoonCore PC, and the tablet which IS currently working.

Thank you

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