Having issues with Graham Slee DAC and Roon - any potential cost-effective solutions?

Having an irritating issue with Roon and this DAC. When the track switches “quality” say from CD to HD then there is an audible click. I eventually found the resync function on Roon - and set it eventually to 10,0000ms -but still the click -so I’ve put it back to 0MS!. Also clicks on my Cocktail - but that is going to be replaced soon. However, it doesn’t click when I use either Qobuz or Tidal without going through Roon, even though a quality change. I have discussed the issue with the Graham Slee company-and they say it was left to potentially do that as configuring the chips to be silent between changes adversely affected the sound quality. The DAC is very natural sounding so I would be reluctant to replace.Also it is a small and bespoke company -their headphone amps punch well above their weight. Does Roon have any potential solutions -I note that the DAC I use is not one listed on set up?
Thanks for your help in advance.

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You might try enabling sample rate conversion in the DSP section of Roon. No prediction about whether it will ‘sound’ better or worse, but if you upsample to a fixed rate in Roon you should avoid the clicks because the DAC will never need to switch sample rate.


Thanks - what would happen to music which had sample rates which were higher [or lower] than the set rate?

You might have to play with the settings to find the optimum. If you were to (say) set Roon to resample to the DAC max sample rate, any higher sample rate source would be downsampled, any lower rate would be upsampled.

If the Graham Slee DAC isn’t recognised, you might need to manually set maximum sample rate (along with a few other parameters) in the device advanced settings dialogue; or you might find the DAC has correctly reported to Roon - I was surprised/pleased to find Roon correctly identified a very old M-Audio DAC I have - but it’s worth checking anyway.

Many people upsample in Roon to the ‘native’ sample rate or their DAC, so that the DAC doesn’t have to do it. It might even sound better. Try it and see…

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Many thanks - will give it a go tomorrow.

Looks like the native rate for your dac is 384. I run my DAC at 96/24 because it simplifies my convolution filters. I’d be really surprised if you can hear the difference between Roon upsampling to either 192 or 384 over 96, which takes significantly less CPU to process.

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Have set to 48khz as USB input says that’s the max rate for USB. Has solved the problem it seems -so many thanks for your help. Much appreciated. I will experiment further, but definitely on the right path. Thanks again.

Glad it worked…

This is the Graham Slee Majestic DAC/pre, yes? Some interesting design choices. I see the S/PDIF and Toslink inputs support a higher bit rate. Is using these an option? Worth a shot if you are in tinkering mode…

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Did you solve your clicking issue with the Majestic? Did using SPDIF help?

I did thanks - set it all to 48kHz -and works fine -great natural sound.

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