Having issues with Hi-Res music [Resolved]

Having issues with Hi-Res music.
If a try to play a 24bit/96khz album the music is choppy and distorted and stops.


Roon Running on Laptop

Media on a vortexbox. (via Wifi Network)
Squeezebox Touch (running external DAC) connected to to the Vortexbox via Wifi.
Squeezebox Touch is running EDO.

I have also toyed with removing the vortexbox and having the album stored on the laptop but it still distorts.

Does Roon list the file as corrupted when you search for corrupted files?

Hi @David_Anton,
Assuming that std. res. files play ok then I would suspect the WiFi, are you able to test using hardwired network connections?


Screams WiFi at me!

Thanks All.
It’s only for Hi-res and the file itself is OK.
I’ve tried with Multiple Hi-res files.

I’m exploring ways to remove the Wifi.
I’m assuming the weak link is the Wifi connection from the Vortexbox to the Squeezebox Touch?

Thanks Again

Are you on a central WiFi router or have you set the Vortex box up as a hot spot?

Good Question :slight_smile:

Roon running on Laptop <- Wifi -> Vortexbox.

Vortexbox connected physical cable to Router.

SBT connected to Vortexbox via Wifi.

Tonight if I get time I’m going to try and connect the Laptop directly to the SBT.
Laptop Running roon. Music Files stored on the Laptop. Laptop connected to SBT with via ethernet.

Not a long term solution simply a proof of concept

I would be looking to put the laptop on ethernet first and foremost. That isn’t always possible with devices but try it and see how everything performs.

Thanks All.

The Wife tinkered with the Wifi and increased the Wifi speed by “50%”.
The Album in question now plays with no issues…

I will still look to remove the Wifi if possible…