Having Qobuz playback issues

Been playing Roon Radio this morning/afternoon and I’ve had several Qobuz tracks skip. I gave up on trying to listen to Dvorak’s 9th symphony after skip in 2 of the 4 movements. Is this behavior part of the data collection or a separate issue? Really getting tired of feeling like a beta tester for a product I purchased.

Hi @Neil_Bulk,

I’ve moved this post over to its own thread. Qobuz playback issues are separate from the issues you are experiencing in the other thread, and this is not something we are seeing widespread reports of.

  • How often do you experiencing Qobuz playback issues?
  • Do the same tracks always exhibit the same issues?
  • If you play to a different endpoint does the same behavior occur?
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Here we go, being a beta tester…

Several times over the weekend.
I don’t think so
Didn’t try.

If diagnostics is turned on for my account, would roon have a record of this?

Hi @Neil_Bulk,

This would definitely be good to test so we can better understand where the behavior is stemming from. I’d also suggest going to Settings > Services > Qobuz and lowering the Qobuz playback quality to the lowest setting. When playing Qobuz with that configuration do things play okay or are there still issues?

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