Having some trouble setting up my new MacBook Air as a remote

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My MacBook Pro from 2015

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I have wifi the router belong to the landlord but we use amplify mesh system

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The core is connected to Chord Qutest dac via usb cable.

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I can’t se that right now but it’s not big. 30 albums or so. Play from Tidal mostly via Roon

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Well, it seems like the two computers don’t communicate. I have an iPad and a iPhone and they work fine as remotes. Should I not be able to see the MacBook core on the “air” Mac?

Hi!I use Ronn for all my music. As core I use a MacBook Pro 2015. I have Roon remote on my iPad and my iPhone. I just got a new MacBook Air and I would like to use it as a Roon remote as well that connects wit the other Macbook via airplay? Or do they connect in another way?. Can’t make it work. I only have access ti wifi. If I could make this work I got put the old Macbook on power always and put it in a corner. So how do I make my new MacBook Air into a Roon remote? If possible I would like a step by step direction in how to do it. It all ends up in Chord qutest via usb. Thanks in advance.

You haven’t explained what doesn’t work. Can you see your library or is it empty? If you navigate to Settings > General what is listed under Roon Core? Is it your new MacBook Air or the MacBook Pro? If it is the former, click on Disconnect and the sign into the MacBook Pro. This can all be done with Wi-Fi enabled.

I’ve setup my old 2017 MacBook Air as the core in my living room. It streams music to my monitor speakers there while also providing music to both my new M1 MacBook Pro and my Android smartphone.

Both find the core on my local wifi network. Connect to it as well. All I needed to set was the output of the audio. If you set it in your Air as your 2015 MacBook Pro’s output your Air will act as a remote control, and you’ll hear your core Pro playing. If you set the Air’s audio output to your Air, then your Air will play the music locally. Same goes for my smartphone.

In my case the ProDigy CUBE 24/96 is the USB sound card that is hooked up to my MacBook Pro. The System Output is my Air’s audio output (the core). If I change the output to System Output, then my Air will play music in my living room.

Sorry! I can see Roon on the other MacBook. sound wise I have the alternative system output and MacBook speakers. But I want it as a remote and therefor thought that sound would go via airplay. But I understand that the computer just send “message” to the one where the core is. But it will not do that.

I’ll give it a try. Thanks!

Hey @Ken_Blomkvist,

Welcome to our Roon Community! As you’ve seen this is the place for asking your Roon question and getting help from other Roon customer’s and Roon Staff!

Thanks @Martin_Webster and @SandsOfArrakis for the assist. Since it looks like you’re needing some support help I’m going to move your thread over to the support channel. I’m adding the support template to your post Ken. Please fill it out as thoroughly as possible so we can get a feel for your entire setup.

As a start, Ken, can you post a screenshot of your Audio page as it appears on the new MacBook Air you just setup?

Hi! I can also tell you that I find no music on the air computer where the screen shot is from. It seems I don’t get the two MacBooks to get together, so to speak.

What Roon Core are you connecting with from your Macbook Air? Your screen shot doesn’t seem to show that. I’m wondering if you are trying to run your Macbook Air as another Roon Core instead of having Roon on your Macbook Air connect to the core on your Macbook Pro.

That could be right. Somehow I manage that. I have tried to erase Roon from the air Mac and when I download Roon again and open it it goes directly to same upset and problem. I saw now on my iPhone, I was about to write, that it uses the cord as it should. But now the iPhone say that it can’t find my music. It seems to have connected to my Mac air. Should I just delete all on the air Mac?

What does this screen show in your place? Atlantis is the name of my Air. And the Core as well.
This is what Roon shows here on my MacBook Pro which connects to the Air.

You shouldn’t need to delete Roon on your Macbook Air. On your Macbook Air, you should go under Settings / General and select your Macbook Pro as the Roon Core to connect to. You’ll need to do the same thing from your Iphone. Post a screen shot of your Settings / General so we can see what that looks like and if what I suggest is correct.

Hi! I deltid Roon on air Mac and everything works as a charm on all devices. I think I have to read the instructions carefully about adding a second MacBook. I may have failed in following it correctly… If it doesn’t work I will let you know. Ken

Best of luck. I run Roon on two different Macbooks in my set up with Roon Core on a separate PC. When you download Roon on your Air, make sure your Macbook Pro is up and running Roon Core, since that is your Core machine. When you start Roon on your Air, it should prompt you for your sign on and ask if you want to connect to your Macbook Pro Roon Core. Not sure exactly the flow but what you want to do is how Roon is set up to work.

Hi @Ken_Blomkvist,

From what you’ve described it seems that you accidentally set the Macbook Air as your Core, when you wish to use it as a remote. Please take a look at the directions in the link below and ensure that you’re choosing the Macbook Pro as your Core when you reinstall Roon on your Macbook Air.

If you follow the steps correctly your Settings>About page should look something like this. Your Core will identify the Macbook Pro as your Core, and the Air will be listed as Remote