Having trouble de-authorizing computers [Solved]

Have three computers I use Roon on. When I try to de-authorize the computers, all it does is toggle between Macbook air & PC de-authorization. Never lets me get the Mac mini to run roon. Frustrated that there doesn’t seem to be a simple way to de-authorize. All computers are on the same network and still having an issue. Any advice?

@Matt_Alterman – The authorized computer system couldn’t be any simpler, so I think there is just a misunderstanding here.

First, if you are trying to use 1 library + multiple remotes to that library, the remotes will not need authorization at all. Only the computer managing the library is authorized.

If you are actually trying to manage more than 1 library (using more than 1 machine), then you will need multiple licenses, or you can keep swapping the license between machines.

To do this “swapping”, just start up Roon on the machine you wish to have the license, and deauthorize the machine that currently holds the license. You are always picking which machine to deauthorize so the current machine can continue.

I think there must be some kind of malfunction going on. I realize how simple de-authorizing computers should be, but it doesn’t work for me.

When I am on the authorization page and it list the devices that need to be unauthorized in order to use the mac mini machine, it only toggles between unauthorizing my PC and macbook air. I’ll upload a video and let you see what I’m talking about.

In that Video, are you on an iPad? If so, the correct answer is to have chosen, “Opps I meant to run as a remote”.

I have this same problem. I rebuilt my server to act more as a HTPC and not I cannot install roon. When I unauthorized it just cycles through two different past versions of Roon. I don’t have it running on any other computer. This is on a capable windows 10 machine.

Looking into this, guys – stand by.

Edit: @RevJSton @Matt_Alterman – I just sent you both PMs with instructions for getting us some logs. We have an idea of the issue here, but we’d like to confirm, then I think we’ll be able to get this resolved for both of you. Thanks!

This should be fixed, just restart Roon (the server) and let me know if it doesn’t work.