Having trouble getting Roon to sync to my Apple Music Library

Roon Core Machine

Innuos mini Zen Mk III version 1.4.9
Use as Roon core

Networking Gear & Setup Details

On wiFi and hardwired ASUS RT AC 88U

Connected Audio Devices

Moved from MacBook Air to Mac mini M1 processor Version 11.5 for Music Folder. Use Naim Uniti Atom and Mytek Brooklynn DAC+ …

Library Size

504 albums on Music on Mac mini

Description of Issue

I’m missing a number of Albums I added to Music on Roon. All my Apple devices ( iPad, iPhone , Mac mini update , but Roon doesn’t. I can’t understand your instructions as Apple replaced iTunes with Music and there is no XML path. Here are the screen shots of my current set up :

Hello @Kendall_Kay,

I am very sorry for the delay in getting back to you - we missed out on your post :sweat:

Is there an update you can share, since it’s been about 9 days? Could you please let us know the file format of the files in your Apple Music Library? :nerd_face:

Ive been traveling , so didn’t see this. I don’t think the file format of Apple Music library is the issue. I have 504 albums of which 503 are in Roon. I don’t use Apple Music much because of lack of HD. (until recently) I use mainly Tidal and now Qobuz that all seem to integrate into roon library. I suspect the issue is that I migrated from a MacBook Air with external SSD to a new MacMini M1 in January. The Apple migration assistant just mapped all my settings over to the new machine and it works fine within the Apple eco-system. When I try to make sure that ROON is watching the right music folder, I can’t get any info to see the path…as peer the screenshots I shared

Hey @Kendall_Kay,

Absolutely no worries. I hope you had safe (and enjoyable) travels :luggage:.

I am incredibly surprised that using the Apple migration assistant (which we have to strongly recommend against, as many issues can arise from it… :pensive:) you’ve been able to use Roon for this long.

Thanks for clarifying that almost all of your library was imported. You are right - it’s clearly not the format.

If you navigate to Settings → Library → Skipped file, does the missing album show up there?

If it does not, would you mind removing the music folder from the watched folders in Roon (in Settings → Storage) and adding it again? :nerd_face:

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So I could not remove the music file in Roon, but I disabled it and then enabled it and it made no difference. I’ve been chatting with Apple and they said that Big Sur has a lot of built in privacy factors that could be a problem. We checked the ROON permission settings and it shows this:

Apple suggested I delete ROON and re-install it…is this prudent?

Hi @Kendall_Kay

Let’s focus in on one example of an album that’s not appearing in Roon. Can you share a screenshot of this album in Finder?

Is it appearing in Skipped Files in Roon? Are they supported files types?

It is not in skipped files…have checked that. The files are supported .

Plays across all apple devices when access via Music app.

Can you share a screenshot of the album in Finder? Is it stored in the Music folder?

Thanks, @Kendall_Kay. I’m sending you a PM with next steps.

I sent you some samples. I heading out to a cottage shortly where I will not have access to the MacMiniM1. I will be back Wednesday afternoon. It seems that there are multiple Music and iTunes files,Ive found more missing albums in the music folder. As you know Apple no longer supports xml files…

Thanks, @Kendall_Kay, I’ll take a look at what you’ve sent and will follow up soon.

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Hi @Kendall_Kay, I’ve not been able to reproduce with the files you shared. They all import okay (though they are unidentified).

Can you try searching by path on the tracks browser and let me know if you see these files when doing so?