Having trouble installing Roon as a remote on my laptop [Solved]

I am a new Roon user and am having trouble getting everything working. For example I installed Roon core on my iMac and set up Roon remote on my iPhone. No problem.

But when I went to Roonlabs.com on my Windows 10 and tried to install Roon remote would not install (download) Roon. Rather, it sent me to a profile update page and nothing more. If someone could instruct me how to install Roon remote on my windows 10 laptop I would appreciate it.

Install Roon from this page.
After install start app and follow the instructions.

To install Roon as a Remote on a Windows or Mac computer, use the appropriate Windows or Mac Roon download, on the page linked by @Roony above, and then when the install instructions ask where you want to locate the Core, point it to your iMac.

Got it ! Thanks