Having trouble updating to Roon 1.8

As a longtime subscriber, it’s nice to read about 1.8


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Not to be rude but wouldn’t it have been just as easy to open a thread in the @support category saying something along the lines of:

Hi, I’m still on Roon 1.7 and would like to upgrade to version 1.8 but when I try to open my current version nothing happens. Can someone please help me.

I have tagged Roon support so hopefully someone from support will be along shortly to help.
Roon support team do not actively follow the “uncategorised” area, so posting here probably wont get you sorted out.


I’ve popped this into the #support area

@LEROY_SCHWARZ In order for Roon’s support team to better assist you, please provide a brief description of your current setup using this link as a guide.


They should. And I have: for any piece of work that i thought to be OK, but proved to be poor enough to enrage my customer. I then feel deeply ashamed, and DO go out of my way to set things right. That is what they call ownership.

The lack of quality of Roon SW ans its support show no sign of that.

Of course, the support person getting the brunt of it, is not personally responsable. But the lack of engagement of the company behind him or her, says it all.

So those companies deserve all that is thrown at them. Not the support person, except when they start quoting standard solutions that do not even apply to the situation.

Perhaps you feel OK with remaining subdued when companies kick you in the balls. I am not so submissive.

Wow wished I had screen shot that before I was only half way through reading.

Right behind you on this one @jamie

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Hello Jan,

I think a little transparency might be helpful here since you’ve chosen to vent in the OP’s support thread. You were receiving frequent, effective. support for your Core issues on your Ubuntu machine. It appears that you waited 5 months to respond to support on the issue, only to acknowledge that the recommended fix indeed worked.

I’ve searched your profile for outstanding support tickets and have found one, from five days ago, in which you went out of you way to insult support staff when they attempted to assist you.

It seems rather disingenuous to me to go on a diatribe about the poor treatment you’ve received from support staff when the exact opposite of that is the case.


@wizardofoz: @jamie’s post is awesome and I’m going to ask him to un-retract it, and split out @Jan_Stes’s bad attitude into another thread.

He probably felt that he over reacted, but I disagree. @Jan_Stes is totally out of line. I don’t care if you paid for a license, you don’t get to act in a belligerent manner and spew toxic crap out your mouth (fingers?).

If you create a hostile work environment for my support staff via this type of toxicity, be prepared to be banned. Don’t like that? Tough.


Hello @LEROY_SCHWARZ, welcome back to Community!

We’re sorry to hear that you’re experiencing difficulty upgrading to 1.8. We’re happy to assist you with that! 1.8 and our newest build, Version 806, offer many new features that we’re sure you’ll enjoy exploring. We definitely want to get you going as quickly as possible.

As @Jim_F and @oneofmany mentioned, you can access the newest version of Roon directly from the Roon downloads page if the in-app update function is having issues.

If this doesn’t work please let us know and we’ll continue to investigate.


@LEROY_SCHWARZ My appologiees to have kidnapped your (absolutely on target) post!


As soon as we returned to work today, we’ve found out that the issue causing trouble updating to Roon’s latest build should no longer exist. In case you haven’t tried yet, could you please attempt the update again? It should work :nerd_face: