Having trouble with Tidal/Masters addding to Library [Resolved]

I have created a playlist on tidal(Masters) then it goes to Roon. Now when playing i want to add these to my music library. This has worked fine in the last few days. Today, the circle keeps spinning and the music is not adding to library. It says, “Of 30 tracks, 0 added, 0 identified”. Yet, it does show up as a playlist in Roon. Any ideas?

I took Master Tidal downloads and created playlist which went over to Roon. Then i took those playlists(for example one album of Led Zeppelin) and when playing pressed “add to Library”. This worked fine several times. Then yesterday i tried it and the circle continues to spin and say “adding music to library 46 tracks zero added”. This has been going on for over 24 hours without those tracks/albums added. I don’t know what is going on or how to stop it.


I’m not sure what’s happening here … so I’m going to leave a tag for @support to follow up with you when they become available.

In the meantime, try stopping / re-starting the Roon Core and if that does not work … can you give a detailed but concise description of your Roon setup… the support guys always require this.

Hi Carl:

Thank you. I restarted Roon and all is well. Van

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