Haydn sonatas bad track titles

“Andante” alone is not useful.

BTW, why doesn’t Roon remote itself have a way to flag a release as needing attention, without all the complication of getting a link and posting here?

Since the bad metadata came from Qobuz, I notified them. They said they would ask the label to give them better metadata. I hope so, but I’m not optimistic.

I do have a question from this experience. I had thought that a strength of Roon was to correct metadata when wrong or missing. Clearly, Roon makes many metadata additions, such as information on conductor (for classical pieces), side musicians, and technical personnel. Is it generally the case, though, that track titles come from the label (maybe via Qobuz or Tidal), and that Roon’s algorithms do not evaluate, correct, or supplement them?

Roon is at the mercy of its metadata providers. It does not curate the metadata in any way.

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Thanks for clearing that up. It makes sense that the responsibility should rest with the label. It’s too bad though, that the labels often do a poor job tagging classical music.

Not 100% true; we do “curate” the metadata in an automated sense and we do have a pecking order for metadata. Unfortunately --in this case-- there was nothing else to go on.

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