HD Format (rock/Nuc)

Im about to move my Flacs over to a 4tb external HD from a almost full 2tb HD connected directly on a 7i5 NUC.
Currently formatted as OS Journeled,ive read on here to format it as ExFat.

What are the benefits if any of ExFat ?

EXFAT has pretty wide compatibility, far more than NTFS (which I think is still read only on Mac, vs Exfat which is read/write on Mac). It’s more efficient than the older FAT32 and is good for larger external drives.

So if i format new drive it will be as fast as os journeled (sorting /playing files).I thought with Rock being Linux based it might differ

You won’t be able to send files to your drive over the network if it’s formatted in HFS+ - it will be ‘read only’ while it’s plugged into your ROCK’ed NUC.

With exFat, your drive will be read + write over the network.

I usually transfer files directly connected to Mac from HD to Nas to Nucs etc so much faster than over network.
HFS+. ?

Use exFAT, for 100% read/write macOS and NUC compatibly, either direct or network connected.

exFAT is much newer than FAT32, and supports larger drives and files sizes.


Thankyou,Will do

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