HD size for database

I read that Roon keeps its database on the boot drive. Just wondering what size of boot SSD would be recommended for a collection of around 3TB FLAC?

I doubt that the database will be large enough that it should impact your SSD choice. I would be very surprised if your database + artwork added up to 5gb. Maybe set aside 10gb for futureproofing.

SSDs these days are usually 20-100x those numbers. I wouldn’t let Roon drive your decision there.

Thanks brian.

Hello, newbie here :slight_smile:

@support this looks like the only place where I finally found (after MUCH searching in FAQ etc) any hints on how big is the database. I installed Roon Core in a minipc with 16Gb SSD drive (Win8) and here I have around 3Gb free… looks like Roon will not have enough for my +10k albums
So, the question: is there a way to locate the database in another hard disk/space? (other than the OS one)

If you stop Roon running, move the database folder to another SSD and then use a symbolic link to point the old location to the new location it should do the trick.

Youll have to figure out the Windows symbolic link bit, but I’m sure google will turn up guidance from Microsoft.

Thanks @evand for the hint, very useful and looks like it should work. I found good info here about that: https://www.howtogeek.com/howto/16226/complete-guide-to-symbolic-links-symlinks-on-windows-or-linux/
Btw @support some suggestions: first, add this info on the “system requirements” under Roon installation guide (ie how much space the database may take, say “1Gb every 3,000 albums” or whatever). Second, introduce a way to setup another database disk/space inside Roon Settings (around the Backup options maybe, these looks well though).
Now going to try and hopefully enjoy :slight_smile:

Ok, short update: it worked and my miniPC already finished with my first music HD.
Almost 6GB Database for 8.500 discs / 86.500 tracks, if this is useful to anyone.