HDCP and HDMI driver

I have a device that I am not sure is hdcp compliant. Audio over any HDMI driver from Roon is 48kHz. Is it likley the device does not support hdcp? When I use Jriver, the device gets all sample rates with the Jriver driver. If I try to use the Jriver driver with Roon, the Jriver app opens. Is any of this in indication device does not support hdcp?

I can’t answer your question, but my Oppo 203 connected by HDMI can play 24/192 using Roon.

Right. Oppo is hdcp complaint. I have a lot of devices that can play most sample rates. This device can play 24/192 with Jriver but not Roon. I am wondering if Roon is limiting the sample rate because the device isn’t hdcp complaint. Does Roon sense that?

Ok. Does not seem to be an HDCP issue. If I set-up to exclusive mode, my device Audioprasie Vanity Pro will play 24/176 and 24/192 but only in 2 channel mode, not 5.1.

HDCP should NOT be required for 192kHz playback. HDCP is required for many types of protected video playback.

Windows by default resamples everything to 48kHz if you don’t use exclusive mode - this is normal.

Are you using Windows? Mac? ROCK?

I am using Windows 11. Two channel is working well. When I try 5.1, get the device will not open message.

There are a few settings to adjust for the Vanity Pro to work with Roon. You have to go under Audio settings and adjust the buffer to 50ms. Also the resync buffer needs to be set to 50ms under the advanced settings. Finally select 7.1 also under advanced setting and name the driver.

I just played with the settings until I got it to work.

Hi @KarlW ,

Can you please let us know the model/manufacturer of the device so that we can investigate this aspect? What does your Device Setup settings for the zone show can you please post a few screenshots? Thanks!

The device is a Audiopraise Vanity Pro. The channel mapping is different from what Roon uses. The Sub and Center channel are reversed. Any way to remap the channels? For now, I just swapped the analog output of my dac. But I have to swap it back when I connect my prepro to my amps


Hi @KarlW ,

Yes, you can use Roon’s DSP engine to do this by creating a Procedural EQ filter and then adding a Mix operation. Can you give this a try and let us know if it works for your use-case?

Yes, this worked well. I was able to swap the center and sub channel. Audiopraise is using the format with Left Rigth Sub instead of the more common in U.S anyway, Left, Right, Center.

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