HDMI Connection not working after Update to Build 952

My Nucleus+ is connected directly to my Classe CT-SSP via HDMI. It was working fine until I updated the software to build 952. Now I do not get audio via HDMI. I can play on other devices, so the core is functioning, but not on the direct HDMI connection.

Can you add a screenshot of your audio setting page from Roon?
Have you checked if somehow this audio setting got disabled?

That was the first thing I checked. They appeared unchanged and I even tried playing with some of the settings to no avail. I now have discovered that I can get it to play if I use my iPhone as the client instead of the iPad Mini that I usually use. Why would that be? I would insert a screenshot, but cannot seem to paste into this browser on the iPad…

That is most odd indeed.
Have you tried to restart the iPad?
And if so have you tried to uninstall Roon app on it, restart it then reinstall Roon app fresh.

I assumed the app had been updated in the last release, but I will try doing a hard reboot. If that doesn’t work, will try reinstall….Thanks

Strange, but once it started working with the iPhone, then it worked from the iPad too. I did a hard reboot and a sw update on the iPad, but that was after it started working. Anyway, not sure what the cause was, but its working. Thanks for the assist!

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