HDMI Multi-channel issues

I have a new endpoint, a NUC6CAYH with 120GB SDD and standard memory. Loaded with Windows 10 and the Roon Bridge, I had hoped to flow 6 channel sound through HDMI to my AVR (Anthem MRX720).

But for now I have just silence.

Here are some settings screen shots:

For the NUC, I performed a “vanilla” install of Win10 Home, then downloaded the Bridge executable and ran it.

I’m sure I’ve missed a step or three (or else it would be working) and I’d like other eyes to have a fresh look. Thx in advance. John

I thought you’d be using the Intel HDMI Audio Drivers not the Realtek.

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Hmmm. I wasn’t afforded the choice of drivers. But hey, many thanks, I’ll be changing it and will report back!

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