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This may be the dumbest question ever, but here it goes. I have a Roon Optimized Core Kit (ROCK) that is functioning flawlessly with my BlueSound Node and Pulse2i. The Node is currently providing analogue input to my Marantz 8802 pre/pro. I’d like to try the ROCK HDMI output, sending it directly into the 8802. However, when viewing ‘Audio’ section, the Roon app does NOT list the ‘ROCK HDMI’ output as a playback option. Help please!

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You dont see anything like this in settings, audio?

Are you using one of the supported Intel NUC devices for your ROCK, or a NUC-lookalike (also known as a MOCK system)?

No Ged, don’t see anything like that on the ‘Audio’ page (but see all sorts of other stuff!).

I’m using a small box (~ 6 inches on a side, with fan, said to contain an Intel NUCi5, 8 GB RAM and 250 GB SSD memory) labeled Roon (stick on label). I hope it’s not illegal. Maybe it’s a CROCK! But it has archived all of my 137,000 tracks on a NAS drive, and ‘streams’ them and radio flawlessly to my BlueSound components.

Like this?
Intel NUC Kit NUC8i5BEH Barebone, Grey/ Black https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07JCF1LCL/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_i_8SQN913P3QY3KP4G2XSJ

Did you buy it new and did it come with ROCK pre-installed. If yes, then it’s probably illegal.

Also, don’t take any tags off your mattresses.

Yep, Ged, very much like this…

I bought it ‘used’…

Can you post a screenshot of exactly what you so see under settings:audio?
Thank you

And can you post a screenshot of your “General” settings? (you should blank out your email address if it shows in that screen)


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Thanks - I’ve removed the image because your private email was displayed.

The image shows that you are indeed connected to your ROCK/NUC, but your other screenshot shows that no HDMI audio devices are being found.

This may be down to a BIOS setting… Hold on…

There appear to be settings to enable/disable the audio on the HDMI ports in the BIOS - see if you can access these (you’ll need to attach a keyboard and monitor to your NUC).

Check out the relevant BIOS manual on this page:


Thanks very much, Geoff. I may be able to pull this off, with a little help from my friends…

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I got it working, the HDMI output from my ROCK, and it (via the Marantz 8802) sounds great.

Here are the details, and thanks Geoff for sending me in the right direction, e.g. to BIOS.

First, one needs a USB keyboard, USB mouse and HDMI connection to monitor.

While starting the ROCK up press F2 to get BIOS, then go to Advanced > Devices > Onboard Devices and check the box Audio. Press F10 to save and exit.

Reboot and enjoy on the ‘HDA Intel PCH HDMI 0’ on the Roon ‘Audio’ screen!

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