HDMI output (not I2S) Roon Endpoints

Hi all

Are there any HDMI output (not I2S) Roon Endpoints out there?

Looking for 24/192 and DSD support too - I know the Apple TV is a Roon Endpoint with HDMI output but the ATV is obviously limited to 16/48.

Many thanks in advance

Probably not what you are looking for, but a Mac mini can do this.

Hi, yes I had this previously but long moved away from having a PC or Mac near any HiFi gear. Looking for a Roon Endpoint.

Appreciate the reply though :slight_smile:

raspberry pi?

The ‘official’ Pi kernels limit HDMI audio to 48/16.

While patches are available, these are still experimental/unstable and limited to 192/16.

Not ideal. :slight_smile:

A new I2S (HDMI connector) Roon endpoint:


Coming in September and compatible with HiFiBerry image so should work in DietPi

A pair of NDK clocks and low noise linear regulator (LT3042). Nice

I’m looking for hdmi input from the TV to output usb audio stream to a pair of KEF x300a speakers. Can this be done using a stock raspberry pi or with an extra board like the pi2design one?

OPPO UDP-203/UDP-205 has HDMI outputs and can serve as endpoints.

Sorry, i just realised the title says hdmi output. I’m looking for hdmi input > usb audio output