HDTracks stopped carrying MQA

I recently bought an MQA capable DAC; not for its MQA, but it has it. So figured I would tip my toes in the MQA waters.

I’m a music buyer, not a music streamer. As HDTracks is also my preferred music vendor, I requested assistance from them when I could not find any. I was told:

“HDtracks recently stopped offering MQA titles pending a decision from management. I do not know if MQA titles will be offered again.” Hmm!

Doesn’t seem that I can buy TIDAL Masters w/o a subscription (again, not an option). Can I? Another big MQA download vendor I find is overseas and prevents me from purchasing from them.

So, where is someone like me to buy the millions of Warner Music titles they are marketing?

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Prostudiomasters sells mqa downloads. I have purchased a couple from Canada.

You can also sometimes find them on 7digital

they also sell MQA downloads

Indeed, would love to. To that, I did write “Another big MQA download vendor I find is overseas and prevents me from purchasing from them.” :frowning:

They show me the following (if you can buy from them it’s likely you’d never see this so are unaware of it):

Everything I read about them (7digital) is they facilitate MQA for streaming. Are you referring to them for purchases and downloading?

Everytime I go to them (prostudiomasters) on my phone or tablet their interface/search makes me soon abandoned the site. I’ll have to turn a PC on and give them one last try. :wink:

I’ve made a number of MQA purchases from them over the past couple of years. Their coverage is spotty, though, so the likelihood of finding a desired album in that format is pretty low.

I agree. I only purchased from the computer. Do a search for Warner. A few will pop up.